Friday, March 23, 2012

Sepia Saturday - Going Out

Sepia Saturday: "Using Old images as prompt for new reflections."

Sisters: Kathleen G. & Lillian A. Coyle
On board the S. S. Constitution while taking a Mediterranean Cruise

The Coyle sisters, Kathleen, Lillian & Marguerite, took many trips to places like, Japan, South America and Ireland. They always dressed well for their outings with fashionable clothes and good jewelry. They were unmarried, professional working women with money to spend on themselves.

Perhaps I get my love of traveling from my Coyle roots. I will be thinking of my grand aunts during my upcoming trip to Ireland, although I sure they would not approve of the casual way I plan to dress, especially for the long plane flight.


  1. Good for Kathleen and Lillian :-) Modern ladies! Hope your trip goes well. Jo

  2. I echo Jo’s sentiments. These ladies deserved to splash out on a cruise, and it certainly looks as if they were enjoying themselves.

    BTW, I’m not sure if you are aware that you still have word verifcation switched on. There’s a general rebellion to do away with it as it’s become very complicated and seems to be putting people off commenting. I got rid of my mine a couple of weks ago and it’s been fine. Have a good weekend.

  3. A pair obviously enjoying themselves.

  4. I bet they had a lot of fun on their trips. I'm glad that it isn't still necessary to get dressed up when traveling.

  5. I see your aunts dressed too. They look like they are having a great time. I agree now a days we go for the most in comfort--you know, though I believe they were comfortable too, they were used to that dress..

  6. What a great modern pair. They look like they're having such a nice time.

  7. Oh I agree. They would not approve of how we dress today when traveling. I had an elderly cousin who wore high heels her entire adult life, even after the doctor told her to stop. I took her to a shoe store trying to convince her to get some sort of comfortable classy walking shoe but she would have none of it. Wouldn't even wear slacks.

    Your aunties are a vanishing breed.

  8. Mediterranean cruise -- the recent disaster has made people reconsider cruising. Pity. Your aunts are clearly having a lovely time.

  9. What a great picture and it reminds me of the joy of cruising which is just as well as I am setting off for a Med cruise in a couple of months time. Rocks don't strike in the same place twice ..... do they!

    1. Hi! What lovely and happy ladies; how fun that sisters can get along so well together and enjoy their many vacations. Great post.

      Kathy M.

  10. Oh I can just imagine they had an amazing life that would be filled with wonder and interesting tales, of lives lived well!

  11. What a wonderful relationship, they have very welcoming smiles. Enjoy your trip to Ireland, I've only been once (to Kerry), but am determined to return not only was the scenery stunningly beautiful everyone is so welcoming. I remember going to the Dingle Peninsula (very narrow road) and there being a jam with a motor home and a caravan going in opposite directions, everyone just got out of their cars and started chatting while it was sorted out, as one man said "only in Ireland".

  12. Oh what fun they must have had. Lucky you, going to Ireland... I have so much research I need to do there!


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