Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Coyles in Connecticut

Tombstone Tuesday is a blogging prompt at Geneabloggers. The suggestion is to post a photograph(s) of a tombstone(s) and tell a little about the tombstone or the ancestor. 

In the summer of 2009 my daughter and I took a vacation through New England states, driving and enjoying beaches at sunset, delicious lobster rolls and photogenic light houses. Fortunately my daughter understood that I could not pass close to Milford, CT without stopping at St. Mary’s cemetery. We could not find an office or even a sign for the cemetery. I hoped to find my great great grandparents, Patrick & Margaret (Brady) Coyle, both born in Ireland, and perhaps other family members. The day was warm and clear. We divided up and began walking up and down the rows of headstones. It did not take long to find the Coyle tombstone. I was both happy and disappointed because although we found the stone, it told me nothing. There were no names or dates, only the word, Coyle.

Cemetery Plot Card, Coyles at St Marys, Milford, CT
Later, a letter to St. Mary’s cemetery resulted in a copy of the cemetery plot card and the information I had been searching for on that summer day.

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  1. I have walked cemeteries too in search of someone I KNOW is there and never found them. Did the letter contain more than you knew already?


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