Saturday, June 15, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors L

L is for learning more about these surnames. If you share
 one of these names, let’s
communicate. I have more information and sources for these names.

L is for these Surnames…
Guy Lackey married Linda Diana Mark [1955 OH], daughter of Charles Joseph Mark & Rita Jane Charron. Linda was my 2nd cousin, once removed.

Henry Laudenslager married Katie Ritter, daughter of Peter H Ritter [b 1848 PA] & Caroline Shankweller. Henry & Katie had four children: Minnie, Carrie, Marie & Milton [b 1881].

I have several Lawrence family members in my tree. My 9th great grandfather [sources are admittedly few here] was Robert Lawrence b in London & d in VA. Two generations later Robert Lawrence was b c 1680 in VA & d 1744 in NC. Two more generations later Anne Lawrence [b c 1762 in NC & d c 1830 MS] married Richard Dillon c 1776. They had nine children: Joanna, Nancy, Lawrence, Clarkston, Willis D., Mary, Theophilous, Clara & Sarah.

Henry Lattimore Lea [ 1899 LA – 1956] married Ruby Blades in 1941 LA. They had a son and a daughter.

Edgar H Leber married Rhea Emma Louise Weihau. Their son, Delbert Karl Leber [b 1928 OH] married Joanna Grace Maurer [b 1934 OH] in 1952 OH. Delbert & Joanna had four children, all born in OH.
John Adam Lobaugh married Christine Wolf [1857 PA – 1908]. Their children were: Jonas, Sarah, William, Elmer, George, John & Ottilia.

Ernest Elliott Lowe [1884 OH – 1966 OH] married Lillian Vera Moore [1884 OH – 1967 OH] in 1906. Their daughter was Jessie Mary Lowe. Ernest was a farmer.

Thomas Lynch married Catherine Brady [b 1893 Cavan, Ireland] in 1921 NJ. Their children were born in New Jersey.

Other ‘L’ surnames in my tree: Lang, Lautzenhiser, Laux, Lee, Leissinger, Lentz, Leonard, Leser, Lewis & Long.

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