Saturday, May 10, 2014

NGS Conference - More to Learn!

Marriott Entrance

Day #3 at the NGS Conference 
was brief but I'll explain that momentarily.

I should explain that I did not stay at a local hotel for the conference. I stayed with our oldest daughter & our son in law in Manassas & drove to the conference each day. That meant getting up about 4/4:30 each morning & driving south on I95. Therefore I was tired & my first stop was the purchasing of caffeine at the Starbucks inside the Marriott each morning. The line was usually long and most people patiently waiting their turn were wearing their NGS name tags on the white & green lanyards. No matter the hour they were ready to talk about cemeteries or military records or archives. Try that in your local coffee shop and see how many people want to make eye contact with you. ha!

My first session was:
  • The Virginia Militia, Craig Scott
The session began at 8:00 and Mr. Scott arrived a half an hour early to set up his projector, laptop & get his power point ready to go. Many of the presenters did this but Craig was eager for questions and encouraged us to call out questions as he set things up. He is not a shy person 7 soon our sleepy morning group stirred ourselves, started asking for tips and woke up to his booming voice. This was followed by laughter and soon the presentation began with a definition of the Virginia Militia:

From there we were off for a very quick hour full of information.

In addition to the lively session I was happy to be joined in the session by fellow blogging buddy, Wendy from Jollett Etc. We had corresponded for some time but this was our first face to face. I don't think I  am exaggerating when I say it was friendship at first sight!

Colleen & Wendy at the NGS Conference

I regret to say that I had to leave after that one session of Firday because of a family emergency. 

I was very glad I was able to attend the sessions that I did. I learned many new things & am anxious to put it all in action..

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