Thursday, May 8, 2014

NGS Conference – A Great Day of Learning & Sharing!

Day #2 at the NGS Conference 
was even better than Day #1!

My day began with the First Timers’ Breakfast at the Marriott. The pastries, little boxes of cereal, apples, juice & hot tea and coffee were nice but the people were even better. I found a table that quickly filled with happy faces, despite the early hour. As all first timers none of us knew quite what to expect but we were all anxious to give it our best. We went around the table, mentioning the states we were from: CT, CO, MD, IN, VA, MI & NY. We talked about our states: the weather, how we traveled from there to the conference & research in our various home states. We talked about cemeteries, Find A Grave & sessions we had attended so far. We also said how nice it was to be able to talk to others who love genealogy. Try to talk to non-genealogists about cemetery discoveries and their eyes glaze over. Now we had a table full of people interested in the same thing! There was a brief talk about NGS, door prizes were given out & we all headed, eagerly, to our first sessions.

First Timers' Breakfast
with me, in pink, in the center

These were the sessions I attended today:

·         North Carolina Research, Jeffrey Haines
·         An Inside Look at Ancestry DNA, Kenny Freestone
·         Oh, the Things You Can Map! Mapping, Data, Memory & Historical Content, Stefanie Evans
·         Where Would You Go if you Had 5 Days in Washington, D.C.? Pamela Boyer Sayre
·         Tracking Pennsylvania Ancestors, Kay Freilich

I give 5 stars to Jeffrey Haines for the North Carolina Research session! He is knowledgeable, organized and full of tips. He began by joking about the early session and suggesting we shake our fellow attendees if they start snoring but who could fall asleep with all the great information he shared? I took four pages of notes and can’t wait to use his suggestions.

Kenny Freestone’s talk answered many of my questions about DNA & genealogy. Buying the kits is discounted at the Exhibit Hall so I may have to do that before the last day.

Pamela Sayre has me ready to visit Washington, D.C. My oldest daughter & son-in-law live in the area so my lodging is all set. I better do my homework and put it on my calendar.

I went to the NYG&BS lunch where Naomi Josh kept us laughing as she told us about the collection of data & the writing of the’ New York Family History Guide & Gazetteer’.

In general I learned lots of new things today that will help improve my research and I met lots of wonderful people from many parts of the USA. Coincidently I met several genealogists who are also quilters, like me. We talked about sewing & finding time for both interests. I even met a nice lady who knitted socks as she listed to PA research tips. Can’t wait to see who I meet tomorrow!

Thanks for the comments on my previous posts! Jacqi, you asked me write more. Hope you don't regret it now. ha! Wendy, I'll save you a seat tomorrow morning!

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  1. I've been reading over the syllabus and sure wish I could have attended every day, not just this weekend.


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