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Patrick Coyle; From Ireland to CT

Patrick Coyle

20 May 1841 Ireland – 21 June 1925 CT
My Great Great Grandfather

Patrick Coyle

PatrickCoyle was the son of Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham.[1] He had at least 3 siblings: James, Margaret & Michael; all born in County Cavan, Ireland.

Patrick married Margaret Brady, daughter of Thomas Brady & Catherine Gibney, on 11 February 1870 in County Cavan, Ireland.[2]

The family lived in a gate keeper’s cottage on Moat’s Lane. There were three houses in a row and they were alike; built from field stone with slate roofs. Each house usually had three rooms, side by side, all entered from the outside. In the kitchen there was a back door which led to a lean-to where animals resided. These animals had access to the kitchen for warmth. The outside of the Coyle house was part of the stone wall that encircled the property. The small house was covered with climbing roses which gave it a charming look. The Coyle house was located at the entrance to the manor house which was a two story wood frame house, surrounded by fields. There were 50 or 60 acres to the estate. [3]

Oldest son, Michael Coyle, left Ireland in May 1885 for New York City. Patrick was the next to leave Ireland, arriving in New York City on 19 October 1885. He came aboard the ship S. S. Circassia. The ship’s passenger list shows Patrick to be a 45 year old farmer. [4],[5]  The next year the rest of the family left Ireland.  Margaret Brady Coyle came to the United States with a party of seven other family members. The group arrived at the Port of New York on 21 May 1886. The boat was called the City of Berlin.[6] The Coyle family settled in Waterbury, CT.

Patrick & Margaret had 11 children, 4 born after they arrived in the USA. Patrick Coyle became a naturalized citizen of the United States on 24 October 1896 in the District Court of Waterbury, Connecticut.[7]

Patrick was a minor player in the family. Margaret was the driving force behind the family. She ruled her children with a firm hand and ran a small grocery store. Patrick was usually a day laborer. In 1910 Patrick and his wife were on Ridge Street in Waterbury, Connecticut.  He was a laborer in a cemetery.[8] In 1920 Patrick and Margaret were living on Woods Street in Waterbury. [9]  They also had a home in Milford, CT.

Patrick Coyle died on 21 June 1925.[10] A newspaper article said:

News has been received here of the death in Milford early yesterday morning of Patrick Coyle, formerly of this city.  Mr. Coyle died at his home, 178 Broadway, Wildmere Beach, Milford.  For 40 years Mr. Coyle was a resident of Waterbury, leaving this city three years ago to take up a summer residence in Milford.  He spent his winters in Florida. Besides his wife, he leaves 10 children.  Michael, Bernard and Thomas in Texas, Patrick in Florida, William in California.  James, Katherine, Margaret, Mrs. B. W. Kelly and Mrs. William F. Cass of this city.  The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10:30 from the house to St. Gabriel’s Church, Walnut Beach.  The burial will be in the Catholic cemetery, Milford.[11]

Patrick & Family:

1 Patrick Coyle b: 20 May 1841 Moate, Cavan, Ireland, d: 21 Jun 1925 Milford, New Haven, CT
... + Margaret Brady b: Abt. 1855 Killykeen, Cavan, Ireland, m: 11 Feb 1870 Granard, Cavan, Ireland, d: 22 Nov 1934 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT
......2 Michael Coyle b: 24 Nov 1870 in Moate, Ireland, d: Unknown
...... + Mary Jo Mullane b: 3 Aug 1867 Ireland, m: 9 Nov 1895 NY, d: 17 Dec 1927  NY
......2 Bernard Coyle b: 13 Feb 1872  Cavan, Ireland, d: 8 Nov 1946 New Haven, CT
...... + Maria d: Bef. 1930
......2 Catherine Coyle b: 23 Dec 1873  Cavan, Ireland, d: 15 Oct 1952 New Haven, CT
......2 Maria Coyle b: 29 Jan 1876 Cavan, Ireland, d: 21 Dec 1885
......2 Patrick J Coyle b: 28 Dec 1879 Moate, Cavan, Ireland, d: 30 Jun 1954 FL
...... + Nancy Guilette b: OH, m: 1925 St Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
......2 Margaret Coyle b: 16 Apr 1881  Cavan, Ireland, d: 30 Jul 1972 Waterbury, CT
......2 Thomas A Coyle b: 21 Aug 1883  Cavan, Ireland, d: 13 Sep 1962 Los Angeles, CA
......2 James J Coyle b: 16 Apr 1887 Waterbury, CT, d: 13 Oct 1955 Waterbury, CT
...... + Madeline Herbst b: 10 Nov 1892 CT, m: 7 May 1912 NY, d:  1948 New Haven, CT
......2 Bridget Coyle b: 21 Dec 1888 Waterbury, New Haven, CT, d: 21 Apr 1943
...... + Bernard William Kelly b: 25 Apr 1894 Waterbury, CT, m: 27 Apr 1925
......2 Maryanne Coyle b: 7 Mar 1891 Waterbury, CT, d: 29 Mar 1977 New Haven, CT
...... + William F. Cass b: 20 Sep 1893, m: 27 Nov 1918, d: 19 Mar 1959
......2 William Paul Coyle b: 29 Jun 1894 New Haven, CT, d: 16 Sep 1963 California
...... + Lauretta Niail b: 1891 CT, m: 1 Oct 1912 New Haven, CT, d: 12 May 1960 CA

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This prompt comes from Amy Johnson Crow at her blog, No Story Too Small. She suggests we “write once a week about a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, a research problem — any that focuses on that one ancestor.” 


  1. Very interesting Colleen, I've recently discovered that my great-great-grandmother was Maryanne Coyle, who married John Donovan in Dublin in 1851. I wonder if there might have been a family connection. My thinking at the moment is that Maryanne was a Dub, although her parents could have come from Cavan - I will bear it in mind for when I find them.

    1. Dara, please let me know as you uncover more information here. All Coyles probably relate if we go back far enough.

  2. Interesting and well written. His descendants spread throughout the USA.


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