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Charlotte Temple Ott, Twice Widowed

Charlotte Temple Ott Brumfield
5 Sep 1813 LA - 1895 LA
Daughter of Jacob Ott III & Margaret Jackson

My 3x Great Grandmother

Charlotte Temple Ott was the daughter of Jacob Ott III & Margaret Jackson. Her siblings were: Isaac, Charles, Jessie, Naomi, Sarah, Samuel & Jacob.

In 1835 Charlotte Temple Ott married Nathaniel Brumfield.[1],[2]  They had five children. In 1840 & 1850 they were in Washington Parish, LA where Nathaniel was a farmer.[3] In 1850 Nathaniel was one of the top rice growers in the parish. Two years later, Nathaniel died.

Charlotte had five little children to care for and a farm to run. She married Nathaniel’s brother, Elijah Brumfield. Charlotte & Elijah had two daughters together.[4]

They stayed in Washington Parish, LA. In 1860 Charlotte & Elijah had six children on their farm.[5] In 1860 Elijah had 35 slaves.[6] In 1863 the Elijah Brumfield family had three girls in school in the 6th school district in the parish.[7]

Charlotte had two sons serve in the Civil War. Oldest son, Martin Penn Brumfield, served in the Washington Rifles, 9th LA Infantry. In June 1861 the Washington Rifles left the Bogue Chitto area and marched to Camp Moore for training. From there they traveled by train to Virginia where they established camp in Warrenton. There were many illnesses in the camp. In November they moved to Camp Florida in Centerville. The winter was harsh and the southern soldiers were not used to the snow and sleet that fell on them. By January 1862 they moved on to camp Carondolet. Many of the soldiers had no shoes and ragged uniforms. Pneumonia hit the soldiers. Without having seen combat Martin died of ‘Diarrhea’ in Charity Hospital, Gordonsville, VA in April 1862.[8],[9]
Two other sons, Jessie Alexander Brumfield & John D. Brumfield, both served in J H Wingfield’s Regiment, LA Calvary. Fortunately, they returned home safely.[10]

In 1880 Charlotte, once again a widow, was still in Washington Parish, LA. Son, John D. and daughter, Angeline, were both living with her.[11]  Charlotte died c 1895, having lived her life in Washington Parish, LA.

Charlotte & children:

1 Charlotte Temple Ott b: 1815 LA, d: 1895
... + Nathaniel Brumfield b: 1813 Washington Parish, LA, m: 1835, d: 8 Feb 1852 LA
......2 Martin Penn Brumfield b: 15 Mar 1837 VA, d: Apr 1862 VA
......2 Jessie Alexander Brumfield b: 27 Sep 1838 LA, d: 27 May 1914 MS
...... + Martha Elizabeth Alford b: 8 Aug 1846 Pike, MS, d: Aft. 1910
......2 John D. Brumfield b: 29 Jul 1842 LA, d: 1 Apr 1903
...... + Zadie Martin
......2 Sarah Lucy Brumfield b: 21 Nov 1845 LA, d: 1926
...... + Isaac Roberts
......2 Laura Brumfield b: 19 Apr 1851 LA, d: 25 Sep 1936
...... + Needham W. Alford b: 18 Jun 1848, d: 22 Nov 1922
... + Elijah Brumfield b: 1805 York, SC, d: Aft. 1860
......2 Charlotte Angelina Brumfield b: 7 Aug 1855, d: 1936
......2 Courtney Rebeccca Brumfield b: 11 Apr 1857

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  1. If you get back to Virginia, you can visit that hospital museum in Gordonsville.

  2. Losing a husband and son in a 10 year span had to be painful time in the life of your Grandmother.


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