Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year’s Resolution: Hiring a Professional

Last Year’s Resolution:

Each year I make Genealogical Resolutions. I haven’t met them all but I have tried. Last year I resolved to go through our house and photograph our family treasures so our children will know the stories behind my great aunt’s World’s Fair spoon, my mother’s cut glass bowl, pieces of Waterford Crystal from Ireland and other treasures. I have made a good start on this project. I posted about many of the items on ‘Treasure Chest Thursdays’ in my blog. This year I will continue to photograph family treasures and to write the stories behind them.

This Year’s Resolution:

I also resolve to learn more about my maternal grandfather’s family. Nathaniel Gardner, 1882 NY – 1944 NY, was the son of Leopold Gartner/Gardner, 1860 Austria – 1948 NY. I have gathered some limited information on this family while they lived in New York State but have no information about their lives before they crossed the Atlantic.       

I don’t know how to search Jewish records. I don’t know how to search records in Austria/Hungry/Germany. Those borders have moved many times over the years. I decided to look for a professional genealogist. I went to the website for 

I looked for someone knowledgeable about Jewish research in the New York City area. This all led me to 
I read about his experience and contacted him and we exchanged emails. All of this led me to sign a contract with Steps to the Past.

My resolution to learn more about my Jewish roots has begun. The research will begin in January. Watch my blog where I will share the findings.

Good luck with all your resolutions!


Wendy said...

I found my pro through APG too. It's wise to recognize our own limitations whether it's in geography or skill. It'll be money well spent, I'm sure.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Yes, Wendy, this is definitely an area where I need help.