Sunday, May 15, 2016

Census Sunday: Hubert Browns in MS School Census Reports, 1933 - 1945

My grand uncle, Hubert Allen Brown, 1894 – 1971
and his wife, Freddie Smith, 1899 – 1988, had six children. 
One child died young. The others show up in the MS School Census.

1933   Hubert Brown          Borden                   male, 12

1937   Hubert Brown          Borden                   male, 16
                                      Thyra            female, 7

1939   Hubert Brown          Borden                   male, 17
                                      Thiry            female, 10
                                      Lynn             male, 6

1941   H A Brown               Borden                   male, 20
                                      Thiry            female, 12
                                      Lynn             male, 9

1945   H A Brown               Thiry            female, 16
                                      Hugh F.         male, 11
                                      Peggy           female, 7

"MississippiEnumeration of Educable Children, 1850-1892; 1908-1957," database with images, FamilySearch (; citing School enrollment, Pike, Mississippi, United States, Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Jackson.

who told me about these online records.

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  1. The school censuses have been a "treasure chest" of data about your extended family.

  2. The school censuses have turned out to be a "treasure chest" of data on your extended family.

  3. Hurray for the school census! It certainly has come in handy in your research. I would love to find one for Georgia, but looking at the FamilySearch Wiki, they appear to be spotty at best.


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