Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day: Military Websites

As we pause to remember & honor our fallen sailors & soldiers we often wish we knew more about them & their service to our country. Here are a few of the websites I most often use I most often use for my research.


  1. Great list Colleen! You've listed my favorites and a few I didn't know about. Alabama State Archives does have a nice website for Civil War Soldiers.

    On Georgia's Virtual Vault through the University of Georgia System I found a digitization of the actual receipt for my ancestor's burial, paid by the Confederacy because her husband died in the war. I've not found that anywhere else. They have other Confederate records there as well.

    There's just not enough time for it all is there?

  2. Michelle, thanks! I will add those to my reference list.

  3. Check this one out

  4. Two more

  5. Thanks! Added those to my list of resources!


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