Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy Birthday to Mary Polly Spurlock Brown

Mary Polly Spurlock Brown
born 1 January 1800
in Oglethorpe, Georgia

Died 12 January 1888
in Osyka, Pike, MS

Married to
Edward Stewart Brown, 1806 - 1856

Allen Moses Brown
Martha M. Brown
Mary Magdelene Brown
Adeline Julia Brown
James Pascal Brown

Mary was my 3rd great grandmother. I wish I knew more about her. She is the only Spurlock I have any information about and the information I have is limited. I'd love to know about her parents, siblings, etc. 

If you have any information on the Spurlock family please contact me.
Let's celebrate Mary's birthday together. 


  1. A New Year Baby! Happy New Year to you, Colleen. Here’s to new discoveries in 2018!

    1. She was born at the beginning of a new year & a new century! Hope your 2018 is marvelous.

  2. So many young marriages! Happy Birthday to Mary. I have to ask: was Polly her nickname or a given name? I ask because Polly was a common nickname for Mary. Wasn't there a Spurlock who was a well-known minister in the 1800s? Probably no relation, even if there was. I hope you find more about your Mary.

    1. I believe Polly was her nickname. I think there were many Marys who were called Polly. I am hoping to learn more about Mary but at this time I do not know where to begin.


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