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Seven Sisters Reunion, 1927 MS

The seven daughters of Henry Sims Brumfield & Martha E. Bickham reunited in Biloxi, MS in 1927. This newspaper article gives us details of their time together.

Meet In Reunion at Lampton House 

Biloxi, Nov 30 – An unusual reunion has been in session at the beautiful home of  W. M. Lampton on West Each, Biloxi, Miss. It was a reunion of “The Seven Sisters.”

Mr. Lampton is a believer in reunions.  His wife has six sisters who live in various parts of the state. 

As most sisters do these sisters visit each other at different times, but never before had they visited at the same time. Mr. Lampton conceived the idea that nothing could make his wife more happy than to have all his wife’s sisters visit her at the same time and in this thought Mr. Lampton was right. 

He bought a new seven passenger car and motored to homes of the six different sisters conscripted them and brought them to the Lampton home in Biloxi, where the fatted calf had been killed, where oysters and chicken were frying in the pan.

Did these ladies have a good time? You know they did. Of course, at first they all tried to talk at one time. They must tell each other everything. They all had so much news to tell each other they soon decided for them not to talk t the same time. Of course, each told about their fine children. They had so much to tell each other that they hardly ever retired before 3 o’clock in the morning. They told each other what dear husbands hey had and, of course, they talked about their childhood days and it is possible they had a delightful time talking about their first sweethearts when they were girls attending the old-fashioned country schools. After having the best time of their lives these sisters departed for their homes a few days ago.

The names of the sisters are as follows: 

Mrs. W. W. Leggett, Magnolia; [William Wright & Mary Emma (Brumfield) Leggett]

Mrs. H. F. Bridges, Bridges, Miss.; [Hugh Franklin & Lucinda (Brumfield) Bridges],

Mrs. H. M. Lee, Keota, Miss.; [Henry Monroe & Elizabeth (Brumfield) Lee],  

Mrs. W. M. Lampton, Biloxi, Miss; [Walter Monroe & Martha Lucy (Brumfield) Lampton],

Mrs. J. J. Lee ,Walkers Bridge, Miss.; [John Jesse & Alice Bickham (Brumfield) Lee],

Mrs. Will Mackey, Jackson, Miss.; [Amanda Eudora Brumfield],

Mrs. Myrtle Thigpen, Jackson, Miss. [Myrtis Brumfield].

Source: Meet In Reunion at Lampton House. (McComb, MS. Semi-Weekly Journal, 3 Dec. 1927) 1; digital image, accessed June 2020).

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  1. Mr. Lampton was a most wonderful husband to make his wife happy by arranging this sisterly reunion! Enjoyed your post. Stay well.


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