Friday, September 10, 2021

Quilting Party – Progress, MS 1949

I was happy to find this newspaper article for several reasons. First, I was happy because it includes members of our Fortenberry family. Those Fortenberry ladies were helping a neighbor who had experienced a fire and lost her belongings. It is nice to know our family members were helping others. Also, I was happy to read this because I am a quilter. I have made many quilts for family & friends. Now I know that it is a long standing family tradition.


The ladies of Silver Springs W. M. U. enjoyed a quilting party at the home of Mrs. L. Q. Fortenberry Jan. 18. Two quilts were quilted for a neighbor who had lost her home and furnishings by fire. A bountiful dinner was served at the noon hour. Those present were:


Mrs. Eula Schilling,

Mrs. E. Ellzey, [Grace Stratton Ellzey, wife of Eckie John Ellzey & sister-in-law of the hostess]

Mrs. Berteal Fortenberry,

Mrs. Reta Bond,

Mrs. Dora Ott,

Mrs. Lonnie Bryant,

Mrs. Norman Bryan,

Mrs. Mollie Ellzey,

Mrs. Walter Reagan,

Mrs. Willis Fortenberry, [Could be Ivy May Smith or Annie L. Hand]

Mrs. Russel McKee,

Mrs. Fred Wilson,

Mrs. Charles Ott, [Birdee E. Fortenberry, daughter of the hostess]

Mrs. Grover Fortenberry, [Possibly Dezzie Mae Barnes]

Mrs. Mitchell Miller,

Mrs. Margaret Barnes,

And the hostess, Mrs. Fortenberry. [Lillian Ellzey Fortenberry]


Source: Progress News. (McComb, MS: Enterprise – Journal, 27 Jan 1949) 2; digital image, accessed March 2021.


  1. What a lovely quilt! Being a quilter also, I know how difficult it is to stitch tumbling blocks. One experiment was more than enough for me. Envious of your ancestors' ability to stitch so beautifully.

  2. Hand made quilts are so beutiful. I have one, my Mom quilted at my son's birth, that I cherished.

  3. What a sweet find! It's satisfying to learn that ancestors liked to do the things we like to do. That's a beautiful quilt top in the photo, Colleen.


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