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December 7 Birthdays, 3 Sailor Brothers

Ferman Esco Fortenberry & Nellie Mae Simmons had six sons; five of them had December birthdays and three of them were born on December 7. Four of those sons were also in the US Navy.

I saw this newspaper clipping on Facebook but I do not have the original source. I believe it was printed during World War II when the brothers were actively serving. I have a grandnephew, born December 7th, who may be interested in this blog post.

Where and when was this printed? If you know, please share.


Ferman Esco Fortenberry & 

Nellie Mae Simmons


Victor Everett Fortenberry b 11 Feb 1915

Ferman Elmo Fortenberry b 5 Dec 1916

Adrian Woodrow Fortenberry b 7 Dec 1918

William Jackson Fortenberry b 7 Dec 1920

Donald Curtis Fortenberry b 7 Dec 1924

Homer Clyde Fortenberry b 16 Dec 1926


Believe It or Not – These sailor sons of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Fortinberry, of Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, all have the same birthday, and to top it all, it is December 7, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, that none of them will ever forget. It was at Pearl Harbor that Adrian, a fire controlman on the ill-fated Helena, received the painful burns about the face and body when the Japs first attacked. He is completing six years in the Navy; is married to the former Miss Wanda Werbickl, of Brooklyn, N. Y. His younger brother, Jack (center), is a carpenter’s mate, second class, in the Navy’s construction Battalion, Alaska. These two brothers received their education in Progress, Miss., schools. Donald, right, attended Clarkston High, and entered the Navy last March, and is now a seaman first class. His boot training was at Bainbridge, Md., and at Norton Heights, Conn., he attended signalman’s school, and now is a signalman in the Armed Guard on the Atlantic. Their father was a gunner’s mate in the Navy from 1909 – 1913, and an uncle had 30 years in the Navy. So it’s no wonder a fourth brother, also born in December, and although married and having two children, is preparing to enter the Navy soon. 

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