Thursday, December 9, 2021

December Anniversaries

 December is filled with reasons to celebrate. My brother & his wife were married in early December & it was beautiful, with a Christmas tree at the reception and engraved ornaments as favors for the guests. Their wedding added joy to our holidays. 
Here are some other family wedding anniversaries. 

6 December 1868 OH

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy [son of Christian Gruissy & Mary Grorisclauss] & Esther Barbara Wolf [daughter of John Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder]. hey were married in Stark Co., OH. Esther was the second of three wives for Augustus. They had five children. Augustus was a laborer, a peddler and made & sold medicines.

16 December 1798 SC

Jeremiah George Smith [Son of Jeremiah Smith, Sr. & Jemimah Hollis] & Joanna Dillon [Daughter of Richard Dillon & Anne Lawrence]. Jeremiah served in the War of 1812. He and Joanna lived in MS and were members of the Silver Creek Baptist Church. They were the parents of 16 children. 

17 December 1908 MS

Tate Edward Fortenberry [son of Webster Fortenberry & Nannie Ellzey] & Lucy Viola Brown [daughter of Jasper Pascal Brown & Rose Ella Brumfield]. They were married in Pike Co., MS. They had three sons. Tate was a farmer and a log cutter in a logging company.

20 December 1818 MS

Edwin Barksdale Alford [Son of Jacob Alford & Elizabeth Bryant] & Martha P. Smith [Daughter of Jeremiah George Smith & Joanna Dillon]. They were married in Pike Co., MS. They had 13 children. They were married for 43 years. Edwin was a part of the LA militia during the Battle of New Orleans.

20 December 1897 LA

Benjamin E Blades [son of William Ephraim Blades & Morgana Josephine McDaniel]  & Ollie Izellie Schilling. They were married in LA. They had a son and a daughter. 

22 December 1926 OH

Glenn Raymond Jolliff [son of Samuel Martin Jolliff & Margaret Maude Mark] & Elma Grace Pletcher. They were married in Wayne Co., OH. Glenn was married twice.


24 December 1921 LA

James Alton Ball [son of James J Ball & Mattie Dennison] & Mildred Olga Brown [daughter of Jasper Pascal Brown & Rose Ella Brumfield]. They were married in LA. They had ten children. James was a farmer.


25 December 1825 LA

Thomas Coulter Warner & Jane Smith [daughter of Jeremiah Smith & Joanna Dillon]. They had 12 children. 


25 December 1918 OH

Elmer Maurer & Pauline Morrison [daughter of Seth Benner Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy]. They were married in Wooster, Wayne, OH. Elmer was the manager of a gas station.


26 December 1849 

Henry William Leander Lewis & Salina Theresa Morris [daughter of Benjamin Morris, Jr. & Hollander Smith]. They were married for 39 years.


26 December 1937 NY

Milton Sydney Weissberg [son of Frank Samuel Weissberg & Florence Gartner] & Anne Bloom. Milton was an attorney. They were married in Buffalo, Erie, NY. They had two sons. Milton & Anne were married almost 50 years.


26 December 1941 

Jerry Sidney Comeaux & Nathalee Smith [daughter of Denny Herbert Smith & Mavis Marie Brown]. They were married for 48 years.


27 December 1866 

Joel H Good [son of Isaac Good & Sarah Larue] & Margaret Chidister Brown. They had one son.


29 December 1933 NY

Wilfred Stewart Marshall & Marguerite Christina Coyle [daughter of Michael Coyle & Mary Josephine Mullane]. They were married in the Bronx, NY. Wilfred was born in England. Marguerite was born in New York City.


30 December 1843 

Ira Payne Alford [son of Edwin Barksdale Alford & Martha P Smith] & Elizabeth Hope. They had five children. Ira was married twice.


30 December 1902 OH

Alfred C Pfeifer & Emma Jane Mark [daughter of William Mark & Elidia Rebecca Ritter]. They were married in Lorain, OH. Alfred was a farmer and he drilled gas wells. They were married for 58 years.


31 December 1878 

Samuel Wolf [son of Frederick Wolf & Louisa C Goetz] & Elizabeth Reynolds. Samuel was married twice. He also married Susanne Metzger.


31 December 1924 OH

James Everett Mark [son of William Mark & Elidia Rebecca Ritter] & Effie Margaret Carter [daughter of Frank Carter & Sadie Mapes]. They had 11 children. James was a laborer. They were married for 42 years.


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