Wednesday, December 5, 2018

6 December 1868 - 150 Years Ago - Wedding Anniversary

In looking for inspiration for my blog I looked at December birthdays & anniversaries and noticed three significant Ancestor Anniversaries. This is the first and most recent of those three anniversaries from long ago.

My great - great grandparents were married 150 years ago on 6 December 2018.

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy

 16 May 1840 OH - 8 Dec 1915 OH
son of Christian Gruissy & Mary Grorisclauss


Esther Barbara Wolf 

14 Jan 1836 OH - 11 Aug 1906 OH
daughter of John Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder

Married 6 December 1868, Stark County, Ohio
They were married for 38 years before Esther's death.

Augustus was married three times. This was his second marriage.


  • MARRIAGE: Family History Center Microfilm #897630. 1868 - 1872 Marriage Records, Stark County, Ohio. Page 82. Augustus Gruissy and Esther B. Wolf married on 6 December 1868 by Justice of the Peace J. M. Truly. 
  • 1870 United States Census, Village of West Lebanon, Paint Township, Wayne County, Ohio, Line 27, Page 28. The August Gurnsey family.
  • 1880 U.S. Census, Medina County, Ohio; 1880; Vol 44, E.D. 199, Sheet 41; Line 26; National Archives, Pittsfield Region, Mass., T767Roll48; Note: Augustus Gruissy, Wife Esther, 5 daughters, living in Wadsworth Twp. 
  • Family interviews, Gruissy letters, etc.

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