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20 Dec 1818 - 200 Years Ago - Wedding Anniversary

In looking for inspiration for my blog I looked at December birthdays & anniversaries and noticed three significant Ancestor Anniversaries. This is the third and last. I wonder what a wedding looked like 200 years ago. Was the ceremony performed in a church or their home? Who gathered for the wedding? Was there a special meal following the ceremony?  And I wonder if Edwin & Martha would be surprised to know we are marking their wedding day, 200 years later.

My 3rd great grandparents were married 200 years ago on 20 December 1818.

Edwin Barksdale Alford

25 Nov 1792 NC - 10 Mar 1878 MS
Son of Jacob Alford & Elizabeth Bryant
Edwin served in the War of 1812, in the LA Militia.
He was in the Battle of New Orleans.
After the War he moved to MS.


Martha P. Smith

25 Mar 1802 SC - 8 Aug 1861 MS
Daughter of Jeremiah George Smith & Joanna Dillon

Married 20 December 1818 Pike County, MS

They were married for 43 years. They were the parents of nine children.

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  1. Married 200 years ago! Wow. I'm still looking at December weddings on my family trees, and expect to find a few more of note. Merry Christmas!


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