Monday, December 31, 2018

Time for a new Family Calendar

It is Time for a new Family Calendar!

Each year, for several years, I have made a family calendar for my brothers & myself. As the years have passed I have ordered more and more copies. My cousins and their children want copies. My father, Delbert Keith Brown, was one of seven children so we are a big, ever expanding group. As long as my cousins send me photos, those photos are included.

 The top page of each month highlights the many family activities from the last year: birthdays, graduations, new babies, holidays, apple picking, snowman building, trips, etc. Other times the top page looks back at times gone by or combines past & present.

The bottom page includes birthdays & anniversaries for our family. That includes ancestors who are long gone. 

This year I added a 'Genealogy Spotlight' at the bottom of each page. It highlights someone from our past who was born or married in the month of the calendar. 

Family members tell me they look forward to the new calendar each year. One cousin has told me it makes her laugh & cry. Some folks quickly scan the pages, looking for themselves. Others turn the pages slowly, reading every little item. One family member will only look at one month at a time, setting himself up for 12 surprises a year. 

The calendars are in the hands of family now. 
I hope they learn more about our family.
I hope they enjoy it all year long.

Do you have new calendar?

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  1. Colleen, your calendar is beautiful. I used to make family calendars for siblings, nieces, and family friends--then after 10 years, my oldest niece asked to become the calendar maker! We include mainly recent fam photos but also a number of ancestor photos. We keep the calendars even after the year is over, for the memories. Happy new year!

  2. I like your ideas for a calendar, Colleen. I really should consider doing one -- something that never occurred to me. My brother would appreciate it, my sister maybe not so much. And maybe my daughters would use one, too. Thanks for the great idea.


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