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My Aunt’s 1942 Autograph Book

My first cousin kindly shared his mother’s 1942 Autograph Book with me. The book belonged to Genevieve Audry (Brown) Wieland Schaperjahn. It was given to her by her aunt and uncle, Roy Edward & Isabell Esther Mark Nee. 

                Genevieve Audry (Brown) Wieland Schaperjahn

3 Oct 1932 OH - 18 Jan 2015 NY

Daughter of Roy Jessie & Ivy Regina Mark Brown

Genevieve, her parents and her siblings had lived in Wayne County, Ohio but moved to Columbia County, New York circa 1940/41. 

The book was signed by many of her Ohio relatives as well as her family and friends in New York. It is wonderful to see the handwriting, messages & signatures of many family members.


·      “Grandma” N. Regina Victoria Gruissy Mark, 1879 – 1959. Wrote: Roses are red. Violets are blue. I can’t think of Another To Write to you.

·      “Your Grand Dad” Thomas Kenneth Mark, 1879 – 1975. Wrote: Roses is Red and carrot is Sweet and so are you.

·      “Your aunt Isabell Esther” Isabell Esther Mark Nee, 1903 – 1984. Wrote: Dear Genevieve; I hope you enjoy filling out this book with names of your new friends. 

·      “Roy E. Nee” her uncle, 1878 – 1963. Wrote: Nov 16 – 42  Hello Blondie. How’s the girl?

·      “Paul” cousin, Paul Kenneth Nee, b 1934. Wrote: I love you little. I love you big. I love you like a little pig. 

·      “Your Aunt Blanche & Uncle Owen” Owen Andrew & Blanche Bowers Mark. Wrote: 1942 Dear Genevieve: - We think of you quite often, You think of us we know, And we just thought ‘twould be kinder nice to write & tell you so. 

      "Uncle Clarence" Clarence William Mark, 1917 - 2006. Wrote: Genevieve Autry Brown took her hat and went to town, the wind blew strong and hard, her hat flew up and landed in the yard.

·      “Jeanette Brown” Genevieve’s sister, Jeanette Rose Brown Sparks Wager, 1934 – 1986. Wrote: Dec. 26, 1942 The valley is green. The hills are bare. I love you and I hope you care.

·      “Leo Brown” her brother, Leo Dwight Brown, 1930 – 2017. Wrote: I love coffee. I love tea. I love the girls and they love me.

·      “Dad”  Roy Jessie Brown, 1902 – 1956. Wrote: To my little fat stuff. Genevieve, The sea is wide and you can’t step it. I love you and you can’t help it.

Thanks to my cousin, Mike, who shared this wonderful time capsule with me!




  1. These are fantastic. You got to know the personalities of people by what they wrote. What a special item to have.


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