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December Brithdays, December 16 - 31

Do you have a December birthday? Look and see if someone else incur family shares your special day. Happy Birthday!

16 December     

1872       David J. MCMILLAN
1877       William C. FORTENBERRY
1879       Mary POLLACK was born in South America, daughter of David & Mary (English) Pollack. She grew up in Ireland and came to the USA in 1885 with her cousin, Mary Josephine (Mullane) Coyle.

 17 December    

1898       Elma M. Blades
1912       Ross POWELL
1914       Raymond Alexander FORTENBERRY
1933       Hugh Frances BROWN was the son of Hubert Allen & Freddie (Smith) Brown. He married Frances Birch and had two sons.

18 December     

1918       Arnell Wessie WILSON was the daughter of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabelle (Fortenberry) Wilson. She married Eugene C. Pigott.

19 December     

1850       John W. RITTER
 1858       Amos RITTER
1937       Kenneth Leroy MARK was born in Ohio, one of 11 children  of James Everett & Effie Margaret (Carter) Mark.

20 December     

1840       Margaret Ellen SWANK
1869       Joseph Davis BRUMFIELD was born in Mississippi, son of Isaac Nelson & Sarah J. (Smith) Brumfield. He married Annie Quinn.
 1877       Alfred M. SCHILLING

21 December    

 1806       Jacob WOLF
1888       Bridget COYLE was born in Connecticut, daughter of Patrick & Margaret (Brady) Coyle. She married Bernard William Kelly. They had no children.
 1903       Isabell Esther MARK

22 December     

1856       Olevia Luminda FORTENBERRY married Jeptha Josephus Alford on 18 February 1874. He was the son of Ira Payne & Elizabeth (Hope) Alford. Olevia and Jeptha’s son was George Howard Alford (1875 – 1958).
 1897       Edna J. FORTENBERRY
 1902       Elma Grace Pletcher Jolliff

23 December     

1773       Jeremiah SMITH was born in South Carolina, son of Jeremiah & Jemimah (Hollis) Smith. He married Joanna Dillon on 16 December 1798. They had 13 children. Jeremiah died in 1843 in Mississippi.  He was my fourth great grandfather.
 1840       Rachel Ellzey Smith Schilling
 1860       Frederick Jacob WOLF
1873       Catherine COYLE
1882       Celia Euseba SMITH

24 December     

1835       Warren M. HUFFMAN
1854       James Monroe BRUMFIELD
1884       Annie Myrtis ELLZEY
1886       Blake H. WALDO
1900       Lyda Mearl Brown Pierce
1901       Marguerite Christina COYLE was born in New York City, daughter of Michael & Mary Josephine (Mullane) Coyle.  On 29 December 1933 she married Wilfred Stewart Marshall. She died 13 march 1980 in Arizona.

25 December     Christmas!

1860       Elizabeth RITTER was born in Ohio, daughter of Isaac & Isabell (Fisher) Ritter. She married William Hawk on 22 February 1880. They had six children, all born in Ohio: Gertrude, Forest, Lulu, William, John and Ruth. She died 1 January 1950.
 1862       Mary Fortenberry Ellzey
 1870       Thomas MULLANE
1881       Mary Louise Fortenberry
1901       Luther Vernon Fortenberry
1902       Willie Webb Morris

26 December     

1861       Margaret Jane GRUISSY was born in Ohio, daughter of Augustus Ceaser & Mary Ann (Everett) Gruissy. She married Seth Benner Morrison on 24 October 1880. They had eight children. Margaret died 8 March 1946.
 1937       Mildred Fay TURNAGE
 1942       Jimmie Joe MORRIS

27 December     

1739       Johann Jonas WOLF
1764       John RITTER
1857       Mary Jane ELLZEY
1863       Letitia Susan BLADES
 1907       Milton Sydney WEISSBERG was born in Buffalo, New York, son of Frank Samuel & Florence (Gartner) Weissberg.  On 26 December 1937 he married Anne Bloom. They had a son and a daughter. Milton was a lawyer. He was my first cousin, once removed.
  1917       Claudia Martha BRUMFIELD

28 December     

1799       William M. FORTENBERRY
1839       Frederick Calvin WOLF was the son of Frederick & Louisa C. (Goetz) Wolf. He married Eleanor Getz.  Frederick died in 1907.
 1879       Patrick Joseph COYLE
 1914       James Albert BRUMFIELD

29 December     

1777       Esther Barbara SHAFFER
1874       Susan Isabel RITTER
1886       Martha BRACEY
1890       Ina Lucille BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. She married Dewitt William Alford. They had seven children: Devoe, Doris, Bruce, Zelda, Mary, Louise and Lindy. Ina died in 1972. 

30 December     

1842       George Washington FORTENBERRY was born in South Carolina, son of Calvin Kennington & Narcissa (Simmons) Fortenberry. He married Emily Pittman. 

31 December     

1763       Appollonia WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, daughter of Johann Jonas & Appollonia (Dick) Wolf.
1787       Willis D. DILLON
1886       Clark Rudy WOLF

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