Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MISSING: Arthur Moses Gartner

Arthur Moses Gartner, my grand uncle. Where did he go?

He was the son of Leopold & Fannie (Edelstein) Gartner, born 15 June 1884 in New York City. He was originally Moses Gartner but is later found as Arthur Moses Gardner or Arthur Gardner.

In the 1900 US Census he was living at 445 East 83rd Street, Manhattan. In the 1916 – 1917 & the 1918 – 1919 New York City Directories he was living at 234 West 120th Street. He was a telegraph operator. He was at the same address for the 1920 US Census. For the 1925 New York State Census he was still at 234 West 120th Street. For the 1930 US Census he no longer lived with his father, Leopold Gartner. Arthur was married and renting a home on West 164 Street, Manhattan. He was working for the Western Union Telegraph Company.

In 1942 Arthur Moses Gardner registered for the World War II Draft. He was living 790 Riverside Drive, New York. He was working for Western Union Telegraph Company. He was described as 5 feet tall, 164 pounds with brown eyes, gray hair and a dark complexion.

In June 1948 Leopold Gartner’s obituary tells us that his son, Arthur, was still living in New York City.

Questions: Where did he go? I believe his wife’s name was Frances. Did they have any children? Did he stay in New York City? When did he die?

Possibilities: The 1940 US Census may be helpful. It might list children. New York city Directories may be helpful. If I knew what temple he belonged to maybe there would be records of him. Perhaps there is a way to get employment records from Western Union.

If you know what happened to Arthur OR if you have suggestions on where I should look please leave a comment or contact me.

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