Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Birthdays, December 1 - 15

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

1 December

1817       Daniel RITTER
                          1886       James Monroe OTT the son of William W. & Sarah Euseba Elizabeth (Ellzey) Ott.
                          1888       William Clarence BROPHY

2 December       1890       Eslie Guy MARK was born in Ohio, son of William & Elidia Rebecca (Ritter) Mark. He served in World War I. He was a painter. In 1922 he married Golda Mae Warner. They were married for more than 50 years. They had three children: Guy, Glenn & Dana.

3 December       1809       Euseba FORTENBERRY was born in South Carolina, daughter of William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry. She married Wyatt Smith. They were my third great grandparents. They had nine children.
                           1810       Barbary RITTER
                           1872       Corine McDANIEL

4 December       1777       Johann Heinrich RITTER
                           1842       William George SMITH
                           1883       Dixie B. SCHILLING
                           1884       Lillian Vera MOORE was born in Ohio, daughter of Pater Jonathan & Caroline Louise (Gruissy) Moore. She married Ernest Elliott Lowe on 22 September 1966. He was a farmer. Their daughter was Jessie Mary Lowe (1907 – 1990).
                           1897       Elam MILLER

5 December       1810       Adam WOLF
    1828       Louisa Margany JAMES married Hollis Horton Fortenberry. Their son was H. K. Fortenberry. Born in 1852.
                            1853       William Jackson FORTENBERRY

6 December       1886       Floyd Bernard MOORE
  1899       Twins: Paul & Pauline MORRISON were born in Ohio, children of Seth Benner & Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison. Paul married Elnore Marguerite Castor and had one daughter. Pauline married Elmer Maurer and had five children. Paul died in 1960 at the age of 60. Pauline died in 1979 at the age of 79.
                          1921       Fay Seward SMITH

7 December       1866       Morgana Dean THOMPSON
                           1912       Glen Ralph BROPHY
                           1925       Ellen Pearl ELLZEY was the daughter of Grady Henry & Bertha Fortenberry Ellzey. She married James Conrad McDaniel. They had two children.

8 December       1785       Jacob RITTER
    1854       Jeptha Josephus ALFORD was born in Mississippi, son of Ira Payne & Elizabeth (Hope) Alford. He married Olevia Luminda Fortenberry. Their son was George Howard Alford.
                           1871       Samuel Martin JOLLLIFF

9 December       1814       William J. FORTENBERRY
   1843       Isaac Ezra WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of John Jonas & Sarah Ann (Chronister) Wolf. He married Mary Cathrina Wireman in 1866. Their son was Clarence Lee Guy Wolf (1875 – 1945).

10 December     1898       Nonie Dola VARADO married Napoleon Baldes, son of William Ephraim & Morgana Josephine (McDaniel) Blades.

11 December     1820       Cynthia Ann ALFORD
                           1878       Hope RITTER
                           1888       Albert GARTNER was my grand uncle, brother of my maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Gardner. My mother, Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown was named for Albert. Albert was a nurse who died c 1920 from complications from Diabetes.

12 December     1777       Anna Mariah RITTER
    1921       Helen Virginia SAMPSEL married Ernest Miles Mark, son of Amos Martin & Lillian Myrtle (Hoverstock) Mark. They were married on 22 February 1946 in Ohio. They had four children.

13 December     1895       Ottilia LOBAUGH was the daughter of John Adam & Christine (Wolf) Lobaugh.

14 December     1891       Grady Henry ELLZEY was the son of William Franklin & Mary Elizabeth (Gatlin) Ellzey. He married Bertha Fortenberry. Children: Wesley P. Ellzey, Odean Ellzey, Carell James Ellzey and Ellen Pearl Ellzey. Grady was my second cousin, twice removed.
                           1914       LaVerne ELLZEY
                           1916       Anna Belle HEIGLE

15 December     1836       Twins: Martha M. and Mary Magdalene BROWN, born in Mississippi, daughters of Edward S. & Mary Polly (Spurlock) Brown.
                           1857       Susan A. Ryals FORTENBERRY
                           1885       Edgar John ELLZEY

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