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Thomas Brady; 110 years old?

Thomas Brady

d c 1914 Ireland
My 3x Great Grandfather

County Cavan, Ireland. Home of the Brady Family
Photo taken during my 2012 trip to Ireland

Thomas Brady lived his life in Ireland. He married Catherine Gibney on 17 May 1841 In Foxfield [also called Omard], Cavan, Ireland.[1] He was still in the area in 1857 when he leased land from Anne Coyle.[2] [His daughter, Margaret, married a Coyle.] His wife, Catherine, died 27 March 1873.[3]

In 1901[4] & 1911[5] Thomas Brady was in Killykeen, Drumlumman, Cavan, Ireland where he was a farmer. He lived with his son, Patrick, daughter in law, Ellen and their children. Interestingly, in 1901 someone told the census taker that Thomas was 85 years old. Ten years later the census taker was told Thomas was 110 years old. He had aged 25 years in 10 years.

Family stories say Thomas was a pig farmer & he went blind in later life.

Of Thomas & Catherine’s ten children we believe only two stayed in Ireland. Patrick, the oldest, raised a family in Killykeen, Cavan, Ireland as his father had. Stories say Thomas Jr. went to the USA but was not allowed to stay in the country because he was missing a finger.

Those children who came to the USA lived in two different areas, either CT or NJ. William Brady lived in the Derby, CT area where he was a laborer. His sister, Ann Brady Kilday, also lived in the Derby Ct area. Margaret Brady married Patrick Coyle and lived in the Waterbury, CT area. John Brady was a chauffeur who started his own company in New Jersey. Bartholomew Brady was a police officer in New Jersey. Catherine Brady also lived in New Jersey.

Through the internet I have found Brady cousins, from both the NJ & CT areas. Bringing these branches of the family together once again has been wonderful. We get together periodically to research our ancestors. Maybe our combined efforts will yield more data on the Thomas Brady family.

Thomas & Family:

1 Thomas Brady b: Ireland, d: 1914
... + Catherine Gibney b: 1818 Ireland, m: 17 May 1841 Ireland, d: 27 Mar 1873 Granard, Cavan, Ireland
......2 Patrick Brady b: c. 1847 Ireland, d: Unknown
...... + Ellen Reilly
......2 William Brady b: c. 1848 Ireland, d: 4 Oct 1926 New Haven, CT
...... + Bridget Hart b: Abt. 1852 Ireland, d: 02 Aug 1914 New Haven, CT
......2 Owen Brady b: Abt. 1849 Ireland, d: Unknown
...... + Mary McGovern
......2 Margaret Brady b: c. 1855 Killykeen, Cavan, Ireland, d: 22 Nov 1934 Waterbury, New Haven, CT
...... + Patrick Coyle b: 20 May 1841 Moate, Cavan, Ireland, m: 11 Feb 1870 Granard, Cavan, Ireland, d: 21 Jun 1925 Milford, New Haven, CT
......2 Thomas Brady b: 29 Mar 1860 Cavan, Ireland, d: Unknown
......2 John Brady b: 14 Jul 1864 Finnea, Cavan, Ireland, d: 28 Nov 1957
...... + Mary Mc Cartin b: Aug 1868 Ireland, m: Jan 1895 NJ, d: 1958 E Orange, Essex, NJ
......2 Ann Brady b: c. 1865 Ireland, d: 27 Jul 1952 Milford, New Haven, CT
...... + James Kilday b: c. 1850 Ireland, m: 18 Aug 1881 CT, d: 11 Nov 1899 CT
......2 Bartholomew Anthony Brady b: 20 Oct 1866 Cavan, Ireland, d: Dec 1943 NJ
...... + Mary Agnes Reddan b: England, m: c. 1901, d: 28 Jul 1956
......2 MaryAnn Brady b: 23 Nov 1869 Cavan, Ireland, d: Unknown
......2 Catherine Brady b: 15 Jul 1872 Ireland, d: 17 Dec 1930 Newark, Essex, NJ

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[5] 1911 Irish Census. Thomas Brady in Killykeen, Drumlumman, Cavan, Ireland. National Archives of Ireland website.


  1. What an interesting and amusing collection of stories about the Bradys.

  2. It's good that the families are reunited.


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