Friday, October 24, 2014

CT Research Trip: Derby Historical Society

37 Elm Street
Ansonia, CT  203- 735- 1908

Before traveling to CT to research our Brady family I visited the website for the Derby Historical Society in Ansonia. It looked like there were lots of possibilities to uncover historical facts. As advised by the website, I emailed in advance of our visit. The response was not encouraging:

Thank you for your e-mail. We have very limited information here at the Society office. I have a few listings from the city directories that list the addresses of where some of your relatives lived. I have scanned those in for you to review. We do not have birth, death, or cemetery records. You may want to check with the Ansonia & Derby City Halls and libraries. I have provided some contact information below.
When my cousin, Pat, and I arrived we found a tiny building with a friendly woman who offered us a couple folding chairs. She had photocopied two pages from city directories. We had already found extensive city directory entries for our family at the Ansonia Library but we smiled and thanked her for the copies.

Then she gave us a binder with Headstone Inscriptions from Mt St Peter’s Cemetery. We quickly found three Brady entries:

Eugene H Brady; b 13 Mar 1888; d 21 June 1930 {flag)

· Bridget H Brady; wife of William; b 8 Apr 1855; d 2 Aug 1914

· William Brady; b 1 Oct 1848; d 4 Oct 1926

We were happy to find these listings and the next day we found the cemetery and the stones.

I was hoping to find more historical records. There was a second small room in the building with people in there spreading out maps and looking through books. Our helper was looking at the clock because of an upcoming meeting she had to attend and we were not offered any other records. We gave our thanks and headed back out into the rain.

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Wendy said...

What a long way to go for such discouraging news and treatment. But at least there was SOMETHING.

Charlie Purvis said...

I know this was a big disappointment.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

The website seemed to promise much more than we found in reality.