Friday, October 3, 2014

Grandmother Remembers

Grandmother Remembers
Conceived & written by Judith Levy
Designed & Illustrated by Judy Pelikan
Stewart, Tabori, Chang Publishers, New York

If you have a grandchild, I recommend this book. It has pages for you to complete; personal messages from you to your grandchild. This hard cover book is delightfully illustrated and has pages of writing prompts such as:

The Day I was Born
As a Young Woman
My Wedding Day
Your Parent was Born
Your Parents
Your Birth
Holiday Traditions
Thoughts I'd like to Share with You
The Future

 I first bought this book about 20 years ago, when our children were little. I gave copies to my mother-in-law [my mother had died already], asking her to fill them out for our children. She did a great job, telling stories about herself as a child and young woman; adding photos and family recipes. Our children grab the book when they want the recipe for their grandmother's apple pie or meatballs.

Recently I was in Glenn Ellyn, Illinois with one of our daughters and we were browsing in a little book store. I saw this book and was happy to discover it is still in print. I had to buy a copy because my husband & I are about to become grandparents. I have already begun filling  in the family tree and printing out photos to include. Maybe reading this will inspire a love of genealogy in our future grandson.

Grandad, don't feel left out. There is also a Grandfather Remembers Book.


  1. I need to do something like this. I am so focused on finding my ancestors that I forget that someday I will be one!

  2. What a special treasure! I'm going to check this book out. Would be a great gift for my mother.


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