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Margaret M. Hofmann’s Books; NGS Conference Purchases

During the recent NGS conference in Raleigh I purchased several books to further my genealogical research. Most of those books were recommended by the speakers during the sessions I attended. The speakers mentioned the books in their talks or listed them in their syllabus or both. I uncovered others during my Exhibit Hall visits. I plan to closely analyze these books over time but here is a general idea of the contents of one of those books.

The land grant books by Margaret M. Hofmann were recommended by all the speakers who talked about land records in North Carolina. It was an easy decision to visit her booth at the Exhibit Hall. I wanted to purchase the full set of books but contented myself with purchasing these books which covered the areas where my family lived:

The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748 - 1763
Anson, Beaufort, Bertie, Blanden, Chowan, Cumberland, Currituck, Dobbs & Edgecombe
Abstracts of Land Grants Volume One
By Margaret M. Hofmann
Copyright 1986
Weldon, NC

Even the introduction of this book is valuable, with its history and explanations of land grants.

It is the intention of this introduction to furnish sufficient information about the land office and its records to assist the various classes of researchers who use the records. The introduction will, therefore, provide a brief background of the proprietary and a description of its territory, a discussion of the operation of the land office and an abbreviated institutional account of the proprietary.

There is both a name index and a place index.

The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748 – 1763
Anson, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Bute, Chowan, Cumberland, Currituck, Dobbs, Edgecombe & Granville
Abstracts of Miscellaneous Records Volume Four
By Margaret M. Hofmann
Copyright 1993
Weldon, NC

This book includes warrants, plats & entries. Many details for each are included such as the grantee & grantor, the number of acres, location, dates, etc. There is both a name index and a place index. I found several family members in this book. I am still sorting them out.

Abstracts of Deeds
Edgecombe Precinct; Edgecombe County
North Carolina
1732 – 1758
By Margaret M. Hofmann
Copyright 1987
Weldon, NC

This book has several of my Alford family members and their land transactions. There is a long list of Browns who I still need to look at closely for possible connections.

Look for these books if your family lived in the Granville area of North Carolina. They have certainly helped my research.

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I followed a link in a Google search for the books of Margaret M. Hofmann. I have several ancestors who lived in Granville, Orange, Person Cos. NC from the mid-1700s through the mid-1800s. My current focus is the Simon Clement, George Brasfield, Robert Bumpass, and Gabriel Davey families. email: