Monday, May 15, 2017

NGS Conference Day #4: Lectures & Lunch

Is it over already? I enjoyed these last lectures on Saturday...

Courting North Carolina: The Courts of the Tarheel State. Presented by Judy G. Russell

This was my first experience in hearing ‘The Legal Genealogist’ speak. Of course, I read her blog posts & her blog is on My Blog List. Now I had the opportunity to listen to her and to learn directly from her. I thought that listening to a session about court records was something I ‘should’ do. I cannot say I was excited about it. Then Judy began to talk! She told us that court records tell stories you cannot find anywhere else. She pulled me in with her lively lecture and hooked me on court records! If you have the same opportunity, get a front row seat!

South Carolina Research. Presented by Jeffrey L. Haines

On Tuesday I heard Jeffrey’s session about North Carolina Research and this session was equally as packed full of useful research tips. Jeffrey is an engaging speaker a vast knowledge of the Carolinas. For every challenge to research in these states he has a list of opportunities to find the answers we seek. His lecture & syllabus shine a light on those dark holes of record loss.

Spreadsheets for Genealogists. Presented by Tonja Koob Marking

I use spreadsheets. I used them often when I was teaching & I use them in my genealogy. At this session I learned new tricks in using spreadsheets. I would enjoy taking another session to learn even more. Tonja gave great examples of using spreadsheets: research log, evidence analysis worksheets, microfilm lists with notes & family group sheets. Possibilities are many!

Citing Your Sources: Comedy or Tragedy? Presented by Thomas W. Jones

This was presented at the NGS Luncheon on Saturday. It was the last session I attended & it was the icing on the cake! His book, 'Mastering Genealogical Documentation’ was released at the conference & immediately sold out. I was one of the lucky ones who bought the book. And I was one of the lucky ones to hear him speak. He talked about a serious problem among genealogists, ‘Citation Anxiety’, and had us laughing as we ate our lunches. The main message he shared was: Content is More Important than Form. By the end of the luncheon our anxieties were fading and I was actually looking forward to citing my sources. Thanks, Thomas!

Attending the NGS Conference was a wonderful experience. I still have lots of notes to organize. I have books to read & maps to hang. I hope you enjoyed the conference too.

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  1. It was so good to see you briefly! Wish we could have worked our schedules out to spend more time together. Next time for sure!!!

  2. Thomas W. Jones's presentation sounds like just what I need to hear. I never had any anxiety about citations until I came in contact with Evidence Explained and RootsMagic. I really appreciate reading this thought that "Content is More Important than Form." Thank you, Colleen.


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