Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A. B. Pruitt Books; NGS Conference Purchase

During the recent NGS conference in Raleigh I purchased several books to further my genealogical research. Most of those books were recommended by the speakers during the sessions I attended. The speakers mentioned the books in their talks or listed them in their syllabus or both. I uncovered others during my Exhibit Hall visits. I plan to closely analyze these books over time but here is a general idea of the contents of one of those books [more to come.]

On Day #2 I attended the session, Land Grants in North Carolina, presented by A. B. Pruitt. As I wrote in my post that day: He is a delightful, intelligent gentleman with a dry sense of humor. His talk was organized, even paced and brimming with information. He explained how the land grant process changed over the years; details of the process and where to find the records of that process. I made a couple visits to Mr. Pruitt’s booth in the Exhibit Hall and purchased these books:

Abstracts of Land Entries:
Bute Co., NC 1778 – 1779
Franklin Co., NC 1779 – 1781
Warren Co., NC 1779 – 17991
By Dr. A. B. Pruitt

The material in this book is from the NC Archives but isn’t on microfilm. Mr. Pruitt includes a map of these three adjoining counties and the major waterways. I was happy to quickly locate my Alford family in the index.

North Carolina County Maps
By Dr. A. B. Pruitt

If you are researching NC you know that the county borders changed more than once. Would you like to have a clear picture in your mind of how those borders looked in 1800? This soft cover book may be for you. It includes an index of creeks, forks, inlets, lakes, rivers, runs and swamps. This should be useful to help pinpoint my NC ancestors.

Creeks and Rivers in South Carolina
By Dr. A. B. Pruitt

This book of SC maps includes each district of the state and many, many creeks & rivers! The index includes bays, branches, creeks, forks, inlets, islands, necks, rivers, swamps & more. Find the creek your family lived on.

These three books are only a small portion of the books written by Mr. Pruitt. Go to his website and see if there is something that will help your research.

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