Saturday, May 6, 2017

NGS Conference: Preparations

The conference is almost here. I have a To Do List. I like to do preparations so I can maximize the experience and squeeze every drop of knowledge from the assembled experts.

I am double checking the schedule to firm up my choices for the sessions. Thanks to 'The Ancestry Insider' I learned that I can download the syllabus in advance of the conference. Being able to read the details of each session has been a terrific help in making my final selection of sessions. I have printed out those I will attend so I can follow along & take notes. On each session's syllabus I wrote the time & room number. I plan to print out a map of the facility so I do not waste time wandering in a daze.

The Exhibit Hall is on my schedule. I would like to purchase local histories & record books. I made and printed out a list of my books so that I do not buy something I already have.

The battery in my camera is charged. My genealogy bag has the standard office supplies ready including a clipboard and highlighter. 

I reviewed my family research and printed out a list of my North Carolina family members who I'd like to learn more about. It is my hope that list will aid during sessions & in purchasing books in the Exhibit Hall.

Of course, the only thing I have not done yet is pack my suitcase! I have papers, plans & pens but no pants or purse. I guess that shows my priorities. Ha!

North Carolina Family

Bertie County

Thomas Ashley, Jr.                   b c 1710 - d 1790 Bertie Co.; Found in Bertie Co. 1735

Richard Dillon                        b 1745 Norfolk - d 1833 MS; Note: in Bertie Co 1759 - 1781
Theophilous Dillon                 b 1796 Bertie Co. - d c 1879 LA; Son of Richard            
Willis D. Dillon                       b 1787 Bertie Co.; Son of Richard

Humphrey Lawrence               b c 1726 - d 1772 Bertie Co.; Found in co. beginning 1742
Peter P. Lawrence                   b c 1780 Bertie Co. - d 1852 Edgecombe Co.
Robert Lawrence                     b c 1680 VA - d 1744 Bertie Co.       
Joanna (Dillon) Smith              b 1778 Bertie Co.

Bute County

Isaac Alford                              b 1748 Bute Co.; Note: Son of Julius
John Alford                              b c 1747 Bute Co. - d AL; Note: Son of Julius

Craven County

Moses Brown                           b 1777 Craven - d 1838 OH; Note: 1790 in SC
Aaron Brown                           b 1769 Craven - d 1840 OH; Note: left NC c 1818
John Brown                             b c 1767 Craven; Note: left NC c 1806
Daniel Brown                          b 1779 Craven; Note: Left NC c 1818

Edgecombe County

Lodwick Alford               b c 1707 VA - d c 1800 NC; Note: Moved to county c 1740
Goodrich Alford              b c 1710VA - d c 1753 NC; Note: Moved to county c 1740
Hardy Brown                                                                                                

Granville County (formed from Edgecombe)

Julius Alford                  b 1717 VA - d 1771 NC; In county beginning 1753/various counties
Jacob Alford                  b 1761 Bute Co.- d LA; In Bute, Granville, Franklin Cos. Left NC 1788

Jones County

Edward Brown                         b 1730 - d 1797 Jones Co.

Hardy Brown                           b c 1771 - d c 1799 Jones Co


Marian B. Wood said...

Do you have "calling cards" with surnames/places to exchange with other researchers? You're so organized, I bet you already did that. I posted mine on the query board at NERGC, just in case somebody might recognize a surname (no such luck). Have fun!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Great idea, Marian!