Friday, January 25, 2019

Keith Alford's 1st Birthday, 1943 MS

This delightful newspaper article about a little boy's first birthday is packed with genealogy information. It gives information on his parents, grandparents and a great grandmother.

Keith Alford, young son of Captain and Mrs. P. K. Alford, will be on year old Tuesday, January 26, and in celebration of the event, his mother invited members of the immediate family to visit with them for the day Sunday. All enjoyed a delicious dinner together at this time. The dinner was served at the home of Keith’s great grandmother, Mrs. Sam Woodruff, at the Woodruff home where Mrs. Alford and son have an apartment. Guests for the event, in addition to Keith’s mother, his grandmother, Mrs. Vera Dodds, and great grandmother, Mrs. Woodruff, were Mr. and Mrs. George H. Alford of Progress, paternal grandparents, and Mrs. Mildred Ellzey, aunt of the little boy.

Young Keith was born after his father, Captain Percy K. Alford, left the United States for service with the Marine Corps for duty across the seas. Captain Alford has not yet had the privilege of seeing his fine young son.

Source: Keith Alford Has Family Celebration for His First Birthday. (McComb, MS: Enterprise-Journal, 26 Jan 1943) 3; digital image, accessed December 2018. 

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  1. Even great-grandma was at the birthday party! Wonderful news item.


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