Monday, January 21, 2019

UNUSUAL NAME, Appollonia

Appollonia Dick Wolf

My 5thGreat Grandmother
14 August 1738, born at Sea – c 1791 PA
Daughter of Johan Adam Dick & Anna Ottilla Knack
Wife of Johann Jonas Wolf

I am intrigued with my 5thgreat grandmother, beginning with her unusual name and the fact that she was born at sea while her parents were crossing the Atlantic from Germany to Pennsylvania. They were onboard the ship, Rob & Alice, with their daughter, Elisabeth Margretha Dick, 6 years old; Maria Christina Dick, 4 years old; and Maria Juliana Dick, 2 years old, when the new daughter was born. They arrived in Philadelphia on 11 September 1738.[i]

Appollonia married Johann Jonas Wolf. They lived in the Berwick Township. He served in the Revolutionary War, as a second Lieutenant in the 5thCompany, 8thBattalion of the York County Militia.[ii]

The couple had ten children.

Jacob Wolf b 1762 PA
Appollonia Wolf b 1763 PA
John Wolf b 1767 PA
Catherine Wolf b 1770 PA
Adam Wolf b 1773 PA
Johan Jonas Wolf b 1775 PA
Christianna Wolf b 1776 PA
John Frederick Wolf b 779 PA
Maria Elizabeth Wolf b 1782 PA
Andrew Wolf b 1787 PA

 They are buried in Emanuel Reformed Church Cemetery, Abbottstown, Adams, PA.

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[i]Wolfe, J. Arthur. Jonas Wolf of Berwick Township, York County, Pennsylvania: A History and Genealogy of a Colonial Ancestor and Some of His Descendants. Privately Published: 1987. Copy of book owned by York County Heritage Trust, 250 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania.
[ii]Young, Henry James. Genealogical Reports for the Historical Society of York County, evidences of the Wolf Families of York County before the year 1950. Volume XX. The Historical Society of York County, 1938. . Copy of book owned by York County Heritage Trust, 250 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania.

Amy Johnson Crow challenges us to remember our ancestors and their families through this task: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.  I completed '52 Ancestors' in 2014 & here I go again. This post is in response to that challenge. The topic for this week is ‘UNUSUAL NAME’.


  1. Appollonia is truly an unusual name, although an online search shows it's actually from the Bible! Born at sea, what a way to start her life.

  2. You know that trip from Germany to Pennsylvania was not easy, and to be pregnant did not make it any better. Anna must have been one tough cookie.


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