Thursday, July 11, 2019

Books: South Carolina History

In writing about my family I find history to be a wonderful tool to understand their lives. Finding a book on the history of a state or county makes me smile. A digital book is useful but I love handling a book, turning the pages & writing in the margins.

My father’s family had branches in South Carolina. I have researched many relatives in the state. Including: 

§  Alexander Brumfield b 1811 York, SC
§  Charles Brumfield 1796 York Co, SC – 1870
§  David Brumfield 1795 York Co, SC – 1863
§  Elijah Brumfield b 1805 York, SC
§  Isaac Brumfield 1801 York Co, SC – 1862 MS
§  James Brumfield 1803 York, SC
§  Jesse Kelly Brumfield 1807 York SC – 1884
§  John Brumfield c1768 – 1834 LA; lived in York Co, SC
§  Willis Brumfield 1794 in York Co, SC – 1833
§  Israel Faulkenberry c 1784 Lancaster, SC – 1861 AL
§  Nathaniel Faulkenberry b c 1788 Lancaster SC
§  Calvin Kennington Fortenberry 1806 Lancaster, SC – 1877
§  Gasua Chapman Fortenberry 1805 Lancaster Co, SC – 1884 MS
§  William Jasper Fortenberry c 1772 Lancaster Co, SC – 1842
§  William John Fortenberry 1814 Lancaster Co, SC – 1896
§  William M Fortenberry 1799 Lancaster, SC – 1867
§  Joanna (Dillon) Smith 1778 NC – c 1821 MS; lived in SC
§  Jeremiah Smith 1773 SC – 1843 MS
§  Martha P (Smith) Alford 1802 SC – 1861 MS
§  Jacob Ott II 1755 Orangeburg, SC – 1816
§  Jacob Ott III 1774 Orangeburg, SC – 1836 LA
§  Melchoir Ott 1699 Switz – 1755 Orangeburg SC

To help understand their lives I have these books which I recommend to you:

·     Edgar, Walter. South Carolina, A History (Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1998). 
·     Ervin, Sara Sullivan. South Carolinians in the Revolution(Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1976).
·     Logan, John H. A History of the Upper Country of South Carolina(Charleston, SC: S. G. Courtney & Co., 1859).
·     Salley, A. S., Jr. The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina(Westminister, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 2011). 
·     Weir, Robert M. Colonial South Carolina (Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1997).

I especially like to learn the social history of an area. What was everyday life like there? How did they earn money? Were there schools? What was their method of transportation? Was it an isolated area? What was life for women like? I always have more questions. Ha!

Do you have a book on the early history of South Carolina that you would recommend? 

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