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Brumfield Reunion, 1950, MS

The family of Henry Sims Brumfield, Jr. & Mary Sauls gathered in Holmesville, MS in July 1950 for a picnic dinner. Their seven children & most of their grandchildren enjoyed the day. 



Brumfield Family Reunion is Enjoyed



Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brumfield, who live on the Quin’s Bridge Road were made happy when they held a family reunion with all their children and their families attending with the exception of two grandchildren, Sgt. C. A. (Al) Bennett, who is stationed at Norfolk, Va. And Delores Brumfield, who is playing baseball with the Kenosha Comets, an all girls’ league. 


The Brumfields spread a bountiful picnic dinner at Battes Beach in Holmesville. Those attending were:


Miss Helen Brumfield of McComb,


Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brumfield and family, Lamar and Mary Helen, Pritchard, Ala.,


Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Brumfield and family, Bob, Jean, Jane, Belzoni, Miss.,


Lt. and Mrs. Lyle Brumfield family, Terese and Buster, St. Louis, Mo., 


Mr. and Mrs. [Sylvia] Stanley Johnson, Jr., and sons, Billy and Stanley III, Providence, R. I.,


Mr. and Mrs. [Evelyn] Dolph Ellzey and son, Dolph, Jr., Holmesville,


Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Shirley and family, James Lee and Mary Martha, Friendship.


All above mentioned were sons, daughters and grandchildren.


Guests were:


Mr. and Mrs. Hollis O’Quin, McComb,


Mrs. Aline Crain and granddaughter, Carmen Klotz, McComb,


Mrs. Brumfield’s nieces and nephews, all of Hattiesburg;


Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chughlin and family, Raymond, Helen and Mary Ray,


Mr. and Mrs. Bob Keahey and son, Bobbie,


Mrs. Peggy Herring,


Mrs. Mary Swelling and children, Sylvia and Ray,


Mr. and Mrs. George Sauls and daughter, Mary Audine,


Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sauls and son, Clyde.


Other relatives and friends called during the afternoon. 



Source: Brumfield Family Reunion is Enjoyed. (McComb, MS, Enterprise-Journal, 24 Jul 1950) 3; digital image, accessed June 2020).

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