Monday, December 7, 2020

A Christmas Memory from the Thomas K. Mark family, OH

Here is a Christmas Memory 

from my grand aunt,

Viola Cathern (Mark) Nothstein, 1913 – 2004,

 daughter of Thomas K. & 

N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark. 

She talked about Christmas in Ohio when she was a girl, 

one of seven children.


Viola said her father, Thomas Kenneth Mark (1879 - 1975), dressed up as Santa Claus for the program at church. He wore a red costume from the church. Viola said, “I remember one year when we were pretty small Owen got up in church and said, ‘That’s my Daddy!’ Another time Dad had a turkey for the church.  After the program Daddy come over to home and he had the red suit on and he’d said. ‘Now you guys better be in bed before I get back.’ He always done a lot around the church. If they wanted anything fixed they would always ask Dad.”

Thomas Kenneth Mark

19 Jul 1879 OH - 12 Feb 1975 OH

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  1. "That's my Daddy" is a wonderful memory. TY for the holiday smile! Take care and stay safe.

  2. Thanks, Marion. I met Thomas when I was a child but have only a vague memory of him. Wish I could talk to him now.


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