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Letters from the Past – 1896 Gruissy Letter

My family has letters from our Mark/Gruissy family. My paternal aunt, Genevieve A. Brown Wieland Schaperjahn shared those letters with me.  I would like to share transcripts of those letters with anyone who may be connected to this family or anyone who is interested into a look into the past.

This letter was written by Regina's teacher, asking Regina to stay in school. My paternal grandmother, Ivy (Mark) Brown who was a daughter of Regina did not think that her mother returned to school as the teacher had advised. Ivy said, “She [Regina] was the youngest. Her parents were getting pretty old and she went out to work.”

Watch for more letters.


This letter was written to my great grandmother 

Nancy Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark 

31 Jan 1879 Medina, OH - 24 May 1959 Medina, OH

Daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara Wolf

Wife of Thomas Kenneth Mark

N. Regina Gruissy Mark
with daughters (left to right) Wava A. Mark Braun & Ivy R. Mark Brown


To: Miss Regina Nancy Gruissy, Canton, Ohio

From: J. Alida Helureich, Canton Ohio, Sept 10, 1896


Dear Regina,

We miss you in the Seventh Grade. Surely you are not thinking of quitting school. Remember that now is your only time for gaining an education and, if you allow the golden opportunity to pass by unheeded. It can never return. And remember how much better your advantages are than hundreds of boys and girls who can not attend except at night and then have only two hours of instruction while you are having five hours in the open day-time and can have your regular rest at night.

I hope to see you at school next Monday with a determination to, at least finish the Dueber School if you do not want to go any further, but, I would like to see you graduate and have your Diploma framed and hanging in your parlor at home.


With much love, I am

Your affectionate teacher

J. Alida Helureich



Note: This letter was written in blue ink with very neat handwriting. It had a 2 cent stamp.



  1. What a great legacy these letters are. I enjoyed reading this one and look forward to more. #geneabloggers

  2. This letter underscores how often young people left school early -- sometimes in grade school -- to work on farms, help out at home, etc. Thank goodness for teachers like Regina's who took an interest and tried to keep children in school as long as possible.


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