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Letters from the Past – Nov. 1902 Gruissy – Mark Letter

This letter was written by my great grandfather to my great grandmother before they were married.  They married 28 Jan 1903 Medina, OH. They were 23 years old. 


This letter was written to my great grandmother, 

Nancy Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark 

31 Jan 1879 Medina, OH - 24 May 1959 Medina, OH

Youngest daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara Wolf


This letter was written by

Thomas Kenneth Mark

19 Jul 1879 Wooster, OH - 12 Feb 1975 Medina, OH

Son of William Mark & Mary Isabella Heffelfinger

To: Miss Regina Gruissy, Medina, Medina Co., Ohio

From: Thomas K. Mark

Postmarked: 5 Nov. 1902 RFD Medina, Ohio


My dearest friend I take Pencele [sic] in hand to drop you a few lines to let you know that i [sic] am well and in hopes these few lines will find you well and happy. Monday i [sic] Build cabbage and dug cubry [?] and to day i [sic] Built Fence and Build cabry [?]. i got home all rite sunday night.


I did not feel very good Monday But i feel like a colt to day I heard that you had changed your Place. I hope you like your place and are getting a long all Right the girls are all up stairs and Adolph and i are in the Office Ritting [writing] to our best and Respecakel [?] Friends I went to Bed at 7 o clock last night how is that for a little boy like me You Musent [sic] lafe [sic] at my ritting Because i dont kep [keep] on the lines for i cant see them more than one hefe [half] of the time I will close for this time i cant think of any thing


more to rite [sic] & say good night Pett


have a kiss for you

my love to you

Thomas K. Mark

Yours truley [sic]

Rite [sic] soon




 This chart shows my grandmother, one of the children of Regina & Thomas.

It gives 2 generations of the ancestors of both of her parents.

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