Monday, April 2, 2012

Family History Library, Salt Lake City Research Trip, Part 3: USA Books

I recently took a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had three days to spend in the library while my family was on the slopes of the Canyons and Park City. By mid afternoon they were ready for a break from skiing and I would head back over the mountains to join them. Therefore, my time in the library was limited. When expanding my Irish research did not look promising I decided to put it aside and take the elevator to the second floor, USA & Canada Books.xcza

          The only family notes I had with me were my Irish families but I did have my iPad with the ancestry app that links to my Family Tree Maker 2012 program on my laptop at home. At our condo I made some notes on my paternal grandfather’s family. I divided them by state and then county.

Georgia, Liberty County: Edward S. Brown b1806
Louisiana, Washington Parish: Martin P., Jessie A. & John D. b late 1830s
Mississippi, Marion County: Moses Brown m 1812 & d 1838
Mississippi, Pike County: Alford, Smith & Fortenberry
Mississippi, Walthall County: Jeremiah Smith
North Carolina, Jones County: Edward Brown d 1787
South Carolina, Lancaster County: Fortenberry
South Carolina, Orangeburg County: Melchior & Jacob Ott
South Carolina, York County: Brumfield

          Back at the Family History Library I set up my things on a large library table near the shelves labeled for the Southeastern States. It is easy to find each state and then the counties within each state. In those county books I went straight to the index and looked for my surnames. I found more materials than I could fully search in the time I had.

          If you have an opportunity to do research in the Family History Library don’t pass it up. You’ll be glad you visited.

I used these books at the library:

Georgia: Liberty County 975.8733
· Hagenesss, Marilee beatty. Georgia Genealogical Sources. Anniston, AL: MLH research, 1997.
· Ingmire, Frances T. Liberty County, Georgia Marriage records 1780 - 1860. St. Louis, MO, 1985.

Louisiana: Washington Parish 976.311
· Williams, Jr., E. Russ. History of Washington Parish, LA1798 - 1992. I. 1994.
· Williams, Jr., Ernest Russ. A Potpourri of Historical Data concerning the Founding Families and Individuals of Washington Parish, LA, 1798 - 1860. Monroe, LA: Northeast Louisiana University, 1990.

Mississippi Books: Marion County 976.221
· Arnold, Jr., Stanley W., and Louise Anderson. Marion Co MS Cemeteries. 2nd Printing. North Little Rock, Arkansas: Custom Printing, 1988.
· Marion County Historical Society, First. History of Marion Co, MS. Marceline, Missouri: Walsworth Pub Co, Inc.
· Upton, Mrs. Robert Chester. Marriage Records Marion Co, MS 1812 - 1860. 1958.
· Williams, E. Russ. Marion Co MS Miscellaneous records, 1812 - 1859. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1986.
· Williams, Jr., E. Russ. Abstracts of Deeds Marion Co, MS. 1962.
· Williams, Jr., E. Russ. Orphan Court Records 1812 - 1859 Marion Co, MS. Bogalusa, LA: 1962.
· Williams, Jr., E. Russ. Records of Marion Co, MS. 1965. 3.

Mississippi Books: Pike County 976.223
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike Co, Mississippi School Census, 1878. Greenwell Springs, LA.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike Co, Mississippi School Census, 1885. Greenwell Springs, LA.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike Co, Mississippi School Census, 1890. Greenwell Springs, LA.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike County, Mississippi School Census, 1900.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike County, Mississippi School Census, 1912.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike County, Mississippi School Census, 1920.
· Haymon, Serena Abbess. Pike County, Mississippi School Census, 1933.

North Carolina: Jones County 975.621
· Aiken, Nancy Bryan. Minutes of the Jones Co NC Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1826 - 1841. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 2002.
· Gwynn, Zae Hargett. Abstracts of The records of Jones Co NC 1779 - 1868. I. Memphis, TN: Zae Hargett Gwynn and Henry Norburne Gwynn.
· Kammerer, Roger E. Onslow Register Records of Onslow & Jones Co Citizens and Related Families. II. 1988.

South Carolina: Lancaster County 975.745
· 1820 Lancaster Co, South Carolina Census.
· Ellis, Joanne. Lancaster County, SC Cemetery Date. I. Lancaster, SC: DD, Inc., 1995.
· Ellis, Joanne. Lancaster County, SC Cemetery Date. II. Lancaster, SC: DD, Inc., 1995.
· Holcomb, Brent H. Lancaster Co, SC Deed Abstracts 1787 - 1811. Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press.
· Jeffcoat, Frances R. Lancaster District 1850 census of the USA. 1984.
· Small, Otha B. 1810 Lancaster Co SC Census. Monroe, North Carolina.

South Carolina: Orangeburgh County 975.779
· Buff, Jr., L. H. The Orangeburg District (SC) 1850 Census. Lexington, SC: Lexington Genealogical association, 1997.
· Culler, Daniel Marchant. Orangeburgh District 1768 - 1868 History and Records. Spartanburg, SC: The Reprint Company, Publishers, 1995.
· Jarrell, Lawrence E. 1820 Orangeburgh South Carolina Census. High Point, NC, 1998. 975.779
· Jarrell, Lawrence E. Early Orangeburgh South Carolina Census. 1998.
· Salley, Jr., Alexander S. The History of Orangeburgh County South Carolina. Baltimore, MD: Regional Publishing Company, 1969.

South Carolina: York County 975.743
· Holcomb, Brent H. York Co, SC Will Abstracts 1787 - 1862 [1170 - 1862]. Columbia, SC: SCMAR, 2002.
· Holcomb, Brent H. York Co, SC Deed Abstracts 1786 - 1801 [1772 - 1801]. I. Columbia, SC: SCMAR, 2008.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences at Salt Lake City. My friend and I are going next week and we found your blog to be very useful. Thank you!

    1. Hurray! Delighted to have been able to help another genealogist!


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