Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Ireland Trip, part 2

In just a few days my dream of visiting Ireland will be reality. However, this is not time for dreaming. I have preparations to make and lists to cross off. Fortunately my family gave me some wonderful birthday [St. Patrick’s Day] gifts that will help for the trip.

·         A lightweight trip pod for my camera. My daughter & I will be able to be in photos together (from my husband, whose roots are in Italy).
·        A travel alarm clock (from my son and soon to be daughter in law). It will adjust to the change in time zones.
·         Extra SD cards for my camera so I can take lots of photos!
·         A sleep mask & neck pillow for the night crossing of the Atlantic.
·         A power convertor (from my electrical engineer daughter & her boyfriend, also an electrical engineer!).
·    An iTunes gift card to get books & movies for my iPad that will keep me entertained on the plane (thanks to my daughter and my favorite [and only] son in law).

We are also packing plenty of warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes; maps & a GPS.  Of course, I have my genealogy notes on my Irish ancestors for research there! Any suggestions for other items I should pack? This is my first trip across the Atlantic and I am open to suggestions!


  1. International drivers license, check about cell phones and the cost of using the phone outside of the US.

    1. Got the international drivers license at AAA & set up a calling plan at AT&T. Thanks

  2. Skype! Download it on your iPad and on the home PC so you and Daddy can talk for free. I can hook it up this weekend for you, and you can try it out.

  3. I am not a fan of sleeping pills, but I highly recommend it for that plane ride across the Atlantic. (You sure you don't have room for me in your suitcase?)

  4. Facetime also works on the iPad, I use it with my daughter who lives five hours away from me. Have a safe and glorious trip.


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