Sunday, May 19, 2013

Census Sunday – The Same Family 10 Years Later?

There are Alfords climbing all over my family tree. some are swinging on the branches and waving at me. Others ar e hiding behind the trunk. My great grandfather was Edwin Barksdale Alford [1792 – 1878 MS]. I found him in the 1850 census but not the 1860 census. That 1850 census shows his half-brother, William Alford [b c 1800] living nearby. Perhaps, if I found William in 1860, I would find Edwin as well. I did not end up finding Edwin but went off in a different direction, tracking down William.

I looked at the details about William & family in 1850, Pike Co., MS. His wife was Eveline and they had nine children. I already had William & Eveline’s names from: Creel, Bevin J. A Patriot's Legacy: The Family of Richard Dillon and Ann Lawrence From Bertie County, North Carolina To Southern Mississippi and Louisiana. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately Printed, 2002. I copied down the 1850 information.

Then, with a quick search, I advanced ten years and found William & Eveline Alford in Pike Co., MS in 1860. Once I looked past the names & location I had second thoughts. The names of the children were different, or were they? I was not sure at all. I made a simple excel spreadsheet to help me untangle and compare the two reports.

William Alford Family
William Alford Family in 1850 & 1860 US Census, Pike Co., MS

Understanding that these reports are not always accurate with ages and name spelling, and knowing that children marry or die between reports, I believe these are both the same family. What do you think?


Charlie Purvis said...

My take- It's the same family. Henderson and Clarasy have either married or if not found could have passed away. I vote for marriage.

Wendy said...

I say Same Family. Your kin did exactly what mine did: one year they went by the first name and another year by the middle name (ex: Milton J was probably Milton James - followed by James M). "Schartin" I don't get - was it a misinterpretation of handwriting? Was his name Schartin Sebastian?

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Marriage gets my vote too.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

The handwriting in the earlier census was quite poor.