Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Report: Cemetery Records in Louisiana

Magee, Zuma F., and Thelma S. Bateman. 
Cemetery Records - Louisiana. Volume III. 
Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1966.Smith Cemetery. From the Washington Parish Library, Franklinton, LA.

I found this book in the Franklinton Library, LA. It’s more of a report, actually, typed pages in thick folder. It lists several cemeteries in Louisiana, where some of my families settled and were laid to rest. This is exactly the kind of resource I like to uncover because it cannot be accessed by internet. You have to visit the library to read the data inside.

 Several of my family’s surnames were included. I found these names that match with my records:

Smith Cemetery, pages 6 - 8
W L Smith                           13 Sept 1853  21 Apr 1930
Emma J Warren                  27 Nov 1858   9 Oct 1932     w/o W L Smith
Bertha Jane Smith              2 Jan 1878     24 June 1898 d/o W L & E J Smith
Spurgeon Ira Smith             12 Mar 1892   2 Oct 1893     s/o W L & E J Smith
Willie Edgar Smith              6 July 1879    11 Mar 1893   s/o W L & E J Smith

Alford Cemetery, page 25
Rev N E Alford                    15 Oct 1845   28 July 1937
Mary L Stafford                  7 Sept 1850   9 July 1902    [w/o N E Alford]
Frances Dora Alford            29 Oct 1869   17 Nov 1889   d/o Rev N E & M L Alford
Thomas L Alford                 12 Sept 1873  12 Apr 1917   [s/o Rev N E & M L Alford]
Sallie McGruda Alford         23 Jan 1878   28 Nov 1925   w/o T L Alford
H Lucious Alford                10 June 1884 4 June 1949   [s/o Rev N E & M L Alford] 

Alford Cemetery, page 26
Seaborn Alford                   19 May 1844  22 Nov 1919   Pvt. Co A & K La. Cav. C S A
Laura A Ellzey                     25 Apr 1844   19 Mar 1903   w/o S L Alford
Page 27
J S Alford                          11 Oct 1807   15 Nov 1897   [John Seaborn Alford]
Margaret                           9 Feb 1819    8 Sept 1885   w/o J S Alford

Mt Hermon Cemetery, page 69
Ira P Alford                        24 Jan 1822   15 Sept 1901

Laura C. Fortenberry         22 Apr 1866   19 June 1901 w/o W E Fortenberry; 
                                          d/o Rev E M & L E Schilling


  1. Awesome list and all in one book. Great Find. Do you know ahy Candancy Bankston wife of Seaborn Alford is not in the same cemetery with him. She buried in Bogue Chitto Baptist Church Cemetery.
    Alford Cemetery, page 26
    Seaborn Alford 19 May 1844 22 Nov 1919

  2. I always wonder about spouses who are not buried together. Was there just no more room or was it deliberate? hmmm


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