Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel Tuesday – Part 5 – Cousin Connection!

As you've been reading in my recent posts, I was in New Orleans. My husband was there for a medical convention. While he was busy I drove our rental car to the Louisiana Archives in Baton Rouge, the Washington Parish Library in Franklinton and the McComb Library and Mississippi. I looked through family genealogies, local histories, church and cemetery records and looked for my surnames. I made photocopies and digital copies of pages that looked like they might be relevant for further analysis at home.

On our last evening in New Orleans was the best fun. My husband and I had dinner with my second cousin, Cindy! We share great grandparents, Jasper Pascal Brown & Rose Ella Brumfield. My paternal grandfather was Roy J. Brown and Cindy’s maternal grandmother was Roy’s sister, Lyda Mearl Brown, both born in Mississippi.

As genealogists we are all about people but we often spend our time alone, gathering information in quiet libraries or searching the internet. It is wonderful when we can get together with our cousins in person. Cindy & I had met once before, several years ago. My children remember that encounter because the power went out while we were visiting. It was the second cousin visit in two days with a power outage! This time the lights stayed on, we had a delicious seafood dinner and abundant conversation. We agreed we need to find another time to talk again.


  1. So glad the power stayed on this time. It must be a running family joke that mysterious cousins bring ghosts from the past that don't care for electricity.

  2. It certainly made it a memorable trip. I think they were glad to see us go home. ha!


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