Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Time Capsule

The Book of Me, Written By You – Prompt 8: Time Capsule. This prompt came from Anglers Rest and I could not resist the idea!

A time capsule is both a look into the future: What will someone in the future want to learn about me? And a look into the past: Look how this person once lived. This is an intriguing topic for a post. I have never opened or prepared a time capsule but will, on paper.

If I were to assemble a time capsule I would begin with a wooden box, shaped like a treasure chest with ornate hinges and a lock with a fancy key. The key to link the past & the future, like genealogy itself. In our house we have a small secret room, built by my cousin. I will not reveal its location but our three children all know because they played there once upon a time. You can always win at Hide and Seek if your friends don’t know you have a secret place. This is the perfect location for a time capsule, hidden yet dry and safe. 

The first item I’d put inside is a quilt. I’ve made lots of quilts over the years and I’d make one especially for the time capsule with blocks that show my favorite things: flowers, cats, the ocean, a castle, books, stars and my family. I’d use colorful borders around the edge and quilt it by hand. After gnetly folding the quil tinto the treasure box I’d add books, books that I loved at various times of my life: Sleeping Beauty with gold edged illustrations; Little Women, the copy my mother gave me; Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles with a small rocket ship to let the imagination soar; any book by Maeve Binchy or maybe two and, of course, any genealogies I have finished writing when I seal the box. Next I'dd add a delicate floral tea cup to sip from while reading. 

I’d like to include a photo album with photos of our family members, from our Irish roots to our family today, with every photo labeled. I’ll put in a well-worn map used by my father in his years as a truck driver and my mothers’ Rosary beads zipped in their soft pink case. I’d include things from my childhood: a set of paper dolls with a pair of stubby scissors; a large pad of paper and a big box of crayons all with sharp points; my favorite toy kitty and a velvet bag with marbles, sparkly stones and glitter. I’d carefully fold my wedding gown and veil in soft white tissue paper and lay it in the box with a love letter from my husband and the small jade pendant that was the first gift he gave to me.

I’d include things from my children: the program from one of our oldest daughter’s plays; the diploma of our second daughter when she got her PhD and the key to our son’s shiny new Mustang. I’d include souvenirs from my travels: seashells from the Atlantic, Pacific & Caribbean Seas, a soft sweater from Ireland, a pink ceramic house from Bermuda, Tiare perfume from Tahiti and hand dyed cloth from St Kitts.

The last item would go on top, a letter, handwritten by me with love. What will it say? You’ll have to wait for the future and read it yourself.

The time capsule in the treasure box will be for my future grandchild/children so they will know me as more than a faded photograph, name & dates.

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  1. Oh that's so good! That's a time capsule your descendants will really appreciate.

  2. Great ideas! And it does kind of get you thinking about the things that might really matter, and even deeper, what defines you.


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