Thursday, August 7, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - Bermuda Cedar

Wedding Cups from Bermuda

My husband & I took a cruise to Bermuda for our honeymoon in early June more than 3 decades ago. While we were on those beautiful islands we wanted to buy something that could be only be found in Bermuda and decided on a couple things made from Bermuda cedar. We bought wedding cups, wine glasses with double wedding rings around the stem, and a pair of bookends. The wooden cups were especially romantic because we had only been married a few days. We still keep these on shelves in our living room.

Cedar trees have significant cultural value to Bermudians. The wood of the Bermuda Cedar was historically valued for construction, ship building and furniture. It was also used for carving, boxes and firewood. The soft, red wood is still highly prized by woodworkers and the signature smell of cedar is known to most Bermudians. A Cedar seedling is often placed atop Bermudian wedding cakes to be planted by the couple.

Cedar Bookends

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  1. Those cups are indeed romantic. But cannon book ends?? What's the story there?

    1. They are nautical & we were on an island & my husband likes them. ha!


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