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Mary Isabella Heffelfinger Mark; She ‘died’ Twice!

Mary Isabella Heffelfinger Mark

29 April 1819 PA – 19 January 1904 OH
Daughter of Philip Heffelfinger & Elizabeth Mowrey
Wife of Abraham Mark
My 3x Great Grandmother

Mary Isabella Heffeflinger was the daughter of Philip Heffelfinger & Elizabeth Mowrey. She was born in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania[1], [2], [3] but lived in Ohio when she married Abraham Mark on 21 February 1839.[4]

Mary Isabella was, according to the family, “a school teacher and well educated.”[5] The 1840 census supports this, showing one person involved in a learned profession.[6]

Mary and her husband lived in Wayne Co., OH and raised eight sons there. The 1860 census shows seven of their eight sons: Thomas, John, William, Marion, Abraham Martin, Franklin & David.[7] Youngest son, Edwin, was not born until the following year.[8]

Four sons served in the Civil War: Thomas Jefferson Mark, John Mark, William Mark & Marion Mark. Two did not return. John Mark died in December 1862 and Thomas Jefferson Mark died a month later, in January 1863.[9]

In 1870 Abraham and Mary Isabella had three sons still living at home and attending school: Franklin, David & Edwin. Their real estate was valued at $1,600 & personal estate at $500.[10]

In 1872 her husband died. He had been disabled for some time before his death. Mary Isabella applied to the government for a pension. In her statement she said she was the widow of Abraham Mark who died 7 April 1872 and the mother of John and Thomas Jefferson Mark who died as soldiers in the Civil War. Because her husband had been disabled and unable to support his family she was dependent on support from her two sons. She had not remarried since the death of her late husband. Several neighbors and doctors testified to fact that Abraham was disabled and unable to support the family and that sons John and Thomas sent money home. Mary Isabella was eventually paid $12 a month.[11]
In 1880 she lived next door to her son Abraham Martin Mark and his family.[12] In 1900 she was living with Abraham & family.[13]

My paternal grandmother told me the story of Mary Isabella’s ‘almost’ death. Mary Isabella was ill and fell into a coma. Her family thought she had died. They made arrangements for her burial. “She could understand and knew everything they said but she couldn't move a muscle.” The doctor came, saw sweat glistening on her forehead and told the shocked family that she was still alive. According to my grandmother Mary came out of the coma and lived another ten years.[14]

My 3rd great grandmother actually died 19 January 1904. She left her property to her son, Abraham Martin Mark and her money to her other sons. Her will said,

"I give, devise, and bequeath to my son Abraham M. Mark all my real estate consisting of a House and Lot in the Village of Reedsburg, O. and known as Lot No. 10 and all the Household goods, Furniture, Provisions and chattels being therein and in my possession at the time of my death.  Second, my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of all Notes or Bonds, Moneys, or any Army credits which I may have to my credit at the time of my death. After the above just debts and funeral expenses are paid out of my credits the money remaining shall be divided in equal shares among my children except my son Abraham M. Mark who shall not receive any share of the said remaining credits."[15]

Information at the Wooster Public Library in Ohio tells us that Mary Isabella Mark is buried at Reedsburg Cemetery. I visited the cemetery and found her husband’s tombstone but I did not find one for her.

Mary, Abraham & Family:

1 Mary Isabella Heffelfinger b: 29 Apr 1819  Cumberland, PA, d: 19 Jan 1904 OH
... + Abraham Mark b: 12 Nov 1812 Corliss, PA, m: 21 Feb 1839 Wooster, Wayne, OH, d: 7 Apr 1872 Congress, Wayne, OH

......2 Thomas Jefferson Mark b: 10 Aug 1840 Chester, Wayne, OH, d: 16 Jan 1863, Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
......2 John Mark b: 18 Jun 1842 Chester, Wayne, OH, d: 28 Dec 1862 Chickasaw Bluff, MS
......2 William Mark b: 26 May 1844 Wooster, Wayne, OH, d: 21 Nov 1904 Chester, Wayne, OH
...... + Elidia Rebecca Ritter b: 30 Jul 1854 Chester, Wayne, OH, m: 20 Apr 1878 Cedar Valley, Wayne, OH, d: 28 Aug 1912 Chester, Wayne, OH
...... + Emma Abeline Flory b: 24 Oct 1852 Wayne, OH, m: 02 Jun 1870, d: 23 Jul 1877 Chester, Wayne, OH
......2 Marion Mark b: 12 Aug 1848 Chester, Wayne, Ohio, USA, d: Aft. 1930
...... + Jennie
......2 Abraham Martin Mark b: 18 Nov 1849 Chester, Wayne, OH, d: 4 Aug 1933 Chester, Wayne, OH
...... + Mary
......2 Franklin P. Mark b: 10 Apr 1853 Chester, Wayne, OH, d: Unknown
...... + Laura M. Miller b: Sep 1860 OH, m: 26 Jun 1877 in Wayne, OH
......2 David Mark b: 24 May 1856 Congress, Wayne, OH, d: 8 Feb 1951 in Creston, Wayne, OH
...... + Mary Ann Clason b: Dec 1867 OH, m: 17 Apr 1879, d: Bet. 1900–1910
...... + Mary Holderbaum
......2 Edwin Mark b: 6 Sep 1861 Congress, Wayne, OH, d: 5 Dec 1920 in Wayne, OH
...... + Delpha b: May 1873 OH, m: 28 May 1896 Wayne, OH, d: 1929

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