Saturday, July 21, 2018

Opinion Please: Jessie or Jesse?

I have many Jessie/Jesse given names in my family. Most of them are southern born. They are both male & female. I am trying to find a pattern to the spelling. Do you have this given name?

I have a question is Jessie for females & Jesse for males? 
Or is it just random? Or is it the census takers who decide the spelling?

I’d like to hear from readers.

Here are a just a few of my Jesse folks:
The Jesse spelling appears to be all male.

Jesse Alexander Brumfield
Jesse Alford
Jesse Alton Brumfield
Jesse C. Fortenberry
Jesse Lamar Simmons
Jesse Newton Ball
Jesse Smith

Here are a just a few of my Jessie folks:
The Jesse spelling appears to divided between male & female.
Are the names of these males just misspelled?

Jessie Brown [male]
Jessie Hannah Andrews [female]
Jessie Lee Brumfield [female]
Jessie Mary Lowe [female]
Jessie Miles Hall [male]
Jessie Ott [male]

Please comment.


  1. I have found it to be very random.

  2. I have two men named Jesse in my family but no one named Jessie. However, I have a friend whose daughter is Jessie. I always though Jesse was the male name, Jessie the female name.

    1. I thought that was correct, Jesse for male & Jessie for female. Perhaps it is just census takers and their handwriting that confuses the issue. Unsure.


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