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The 1907 Brumfield Family Reunion & Centennial Celebration

In March 1907 the descendants of John B. Brumfield gathered in a family reunion. This newspaper account gives details of the special day and includes genealogical information. I have added family notes [in green].

Family Reunion, 

The Brumfield Family Met in Amite County

On Sunday March 1 an excursion was run over the Liberty White Railroad from Holmesville to Liberty, Miss. To accommodate the Brumfield family who had arranged to hold a reunion and centennial celebration at the residence of Mrs. Lucinda Andrews [Susan Lucinda Brumfield Andrews, 1845–1933], the only surviving daughter of the late Jesse Brumfield [Jesse Kelly Brumfield, 1807-1884] who now resides on the old Brumfield plantation east of Liberty.

            The train left Holmesville at 7 am, McComb at 8 and arrived at the plantation about 8:35 in a shower of rain which for a few -?- considerably disturbed the excursionists.

            The Brumfield family is one of the largest and most influential families in the State. John Brumfield  [John B. Brumfield, b 2 Nov 1768 NC]Benjamin Bickham and Benjamin Youngblood [1773 GA-1860 MS] came to Franklinton, La. From York District, S. C. about 1811, settled near Franklinton and raised large families. Jesse Brumfield, son of John Brumfield, was born March 12, 1807, and died at the Brumfield plantation in Amite County July 25, 1884. He was the father of Lucinda, Joe, Monroe and Henry S. [and 7 more children] and it was the 100th anniversary of his birth which was celebrated by the family Sunday.

         Henry S. Brumfield, who is well known in South Mississippi, having served as treasurer of Pike County for several years, married Martha E. Bickham [1840 – 1893] in 1855, he having five sons, John [John Benjamin 1868-1952], Jesse [Jesse Thomas 1858-1946], Charley [Charles Edgar 1874-1959], Henry [Henry Sims Jr. 1877-1959] and Dudley [Dudley Atkinson b1879]; and seven daughters, Mesdames W. W.  Leggett [Mary Emma 1857-1950], Hugh Bridges [Lucinda 1858-1946], Henry Lee [Elizabeth 1864-1950], Jesse Lee [Alice 1870-1953], Walter Lampton [Martha Lucy 1866-1939], H. G. Mackey, Ewell Gill [Amanda 1872-1897] and Miss Myrt [Myrtis S. 1884-1959]. Three sons and all his daughters and their families were present at the reunion, making a total of fifty direct descendants of Henry S. Brumfield present! And we were informed that fully thirty more absent. Besides these were the children and grandchildren of Joe [Joseph Warren Brumfield 1841 – 1910], Monroe [James Monroe Brumfield 1843-1899] and Mrs. Andrews [Susan Lucinda Brumfield Andrews, 1845–1933], making a total of eighty seven direct descendants of Grandpa Jesse Brumfield who were present, besides many of these were absent. It is estimated that the descendants now number about 150.

            Besides the Brumfield family a large number of friends had been invited, making the total number in attendance at the reunion nearly 200.

            In conversing with members of the family we gathered several interesting facts about the early history of the family. Jesse Brumfield and his wife [Hannah Ann Youngblood 1808-1885], parents of Henry S. Brumfield are buried side by side in the old family grave yard on the plantation and after dinner the entire assembly visited the grave yard in a body, even to the old negro slaves, who gazed sadly at the headstones of their old master and mistress.

            Mr. H. S. Brumfield’s grandmother [Margaret Kelly b 1772] was of Irish descent, she being a Kelly.

            The Brumfields and Bickhams are of revolutionary fame, several members of both families being officers in the revolutionary war. Mr. Dolph Bickham of Franklinton, La. Now being in possession of a sword carried by his grandfather. Several uncles of H. S. Brumfield were also in the battle of 1812 at New Orleans.

            The day was very pleasantly spent, the dinner being spread upon a large table extending across the front yard, and consisted of a great variety of delicacies, which all seemed to greatly enjoy.

            We will not elaborate upon the events of the day, as our correspondent from Fernwood, who was with -?- editor has taken -?- notes -?- has covered the ground so thoroughly that anything we could say would only be a repetition of what our correspondent has already said of what took place that day.

Source: Family Reunion, The Brumfield Family Met in Amite County, (Jackson, MS: Clarion-Ledger, 21 March 1907) 2; digital image, accessed February 2018.

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  1. So many names! This reunion article is quite a gem, recounting 111 years ago the celebration of the centenary of the patriarch. Lucky you.

  2. Jesse brumfield and Hannah youngblood are my 4th great grandparents I would love it if any other descendants can contact me.


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