Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Library Research

 Researching in person, in the places my ancestors lived is my favorite type of research. I like being in the places my family once lived. I like uncovering yellowed documents and reading books that were written decades ago. Touching these things makes me feel a strong connection to the past. Usually this type of research means I pack my car and head to the southeastern states. Recently, I only had to head south for an hour.


Hudson Area Library

51 North 5thSt., Hudson, NY

History Room


I am trying to learn more about people close to me, my father and his siblings. When their parents moved the family from Ohio, they moved to Columbia County, NY and Hudson is the county seat. I have my father’s high school year book which told me what year he graduated and had his photograph. If I could find the yearbooks of his siblings I could learn the same about them.


I looked at the library’s website and discovered they have a History Room with yearbooks. I was able to make an appointment to see those books. I called my older brother who was very interested in joining me.


We found one of our uncles and two aunts in those slim volumes of the “Blue and Gold”.


Leo D. Brown graduated 1949 from Hudson High School.


Genevieve A. Brown graduated 1952 from Hudson High School.

I had not known that my aunt liked art & had considered that as a career. 


Jeanette R. Brown graduated 1953 from Hudson High School.

I had not known my aunt was called "Netzi".

Whenever you have the opportunity to visit a library, an archive, a courthouse or a church where you family lived. I suggest you go. Not all records are on the internet. 

Who knows what you will discover?


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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day- with great results!

  2. How funny to highlight the driving course. Not only are you learning about your aunts and uncles but also the times they lived in - what was new, what was important. I just love those little tidbits more than the BIG stuff of genealogy.

  3. Very interesting, great advice, quality time with your brother. A great way to spend a spring day.


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