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Timeline: The Lawrence Family

Timeline of the Lawrence Family

 1593                Death of Thomas Lawrence, goldsmith, in England

1607                The Virginia Company sent 144 men and boys to establish a colony on the Chesapeake Bay; Jamestown

1639                Death of Sir John Lawrence in England

1642                Robert Lawrence, Sr. obtained 100 acres Lawne’s Creek, Isle of Wight, VA

1653                Virginia settlers began moving into northwestern Carolina on Albemarle Sound

1663                John Lawrence, son of Robert, had 625 acres of land on Chowanoke R., NC

1672                Birth of Robert Lawrence, son of John, Nansemond, VA

1682                William Penn founded Pennsylvania

1682                Quaker records include Robert Lawrence and family in Nansemond, VA

1693                The college of William & Mary was founded, VA

1699 – 1704    Williamsburg was established & designated the capitol of VA Colony 

1709                Daniel Fahrenheit invents the alcohol thermometer 

1711 – 1712    Tuscarora uprising in North Carolina frontier

1718                Birth of John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich and purported inventor of the sandwich, was born

c 1726             Birth of Humphrey Lawrence, son of Robert

1730                Population of Colonial South, 292,000: 50% white; 27% blacks; 23% Native Americans

1732                Birth of George Washington, VA, later 1st President of the USA

1744                Death of Robert Lawrence, age 72, Bertie, NC

1754 – 1763    French & Indian War

1768                Humphrey Lawrence bought 77 acres of land on Black Walnut Swamp, NC

1772                Death of Humphrey Lawrence, age 46, Bertie, NC

1775                Population of Colonial South, 972,500: 56% whites; 38% slaves; 6% Native Americans

1775 – 1783    Revolutionary War

1783                Ralf and Montgolfier built first manned hot air balloon

1789                George Washington became the first United States President

This chart shows the link between the Lawrence family & my paternal grandfather.

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  1. Nice use of a timeline; timelines are very useful. I see that your 3rd great grandparents were siblings, what a fun find. :)

  2. Timelines are a great tool for research. I use them quite often. Looks to me that there would be interesting stories in that family #geneabloggers


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