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Letters from the Past – August 1902 Letter from Mother

As a genealogist my instinct is to share my discoveries with our local family and to those of you who may also be related to this family. My 2x great grandmother did not want this letter shared. At the end of this letter she tells her daughter to “Burn this sose no one gets it” I am very glad Regina did not burn this letter.


Esther writes of the illness of herself and her husband. She asks her daughter to return home from her job at the Medina Infirmary. 


This letter is difficult to read because of the frequent misspellings. Capitalization is as written in the original letter. The letter is written in both pencil and red ink in various sections of the letter. I have added punctuation to make it easier to understand.


This letter was written to my great grandmother

Nancy Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark 

31 Jan 1879 Medina, OH - 24 May 1959 Medina, OH

Daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara Wolf

Wife of Thomas Kenneth Mark


This letter was written by my 2x great grandmother


Esther Barbara Wolf Gruissy


14 Jun 1836 York, PA - 11 Aug 1906 Medina, OH

Daughter of John Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder

 Second wife of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy


To: Miss Regina V. Gruissy, Medina County infirmary, Ohio

From: E. B. Gruissy

Postmarked: 10 AM Aug 1902


Dear Dauther [sic] i [sic] set my self to Boath [sic] of us is Sick have a bad Cold. I was not able to get around for a few Days. But am up agane [sic]. pap Don [sic] the worke [sic]. i [sic] had one of my spells again of me laris [?] fever. you no [sic] that is not ketching [sic] and have a Bad Coff [sic] and hed [sic] acke [sic]. pap hed [sic] acks [sic] Bad. We did wish for you home for a few Days to Cmfert [sic] us and help us a longe [sic] for a few Days.


Now I will try and finish my letter to you and tell you that i [sic] must lay Down Every Day. i [sic] look Bad. Shure [sic] Am week [sic] But must Work and ant [sic] Well. Papa is better now. Why Did you not right [sic]? are you sick or Why Dont [sic] you right [sic] to us often? for we are lonsom [sic] all By our selfs [sic] here. pleas [sic] anser [sic] this. will you tell me when you get this letter? i [sic] will send it with morning mall [sic]. 8 o clock [sic] now. i [sic] must hury [sic] it of [sic] now. soon ans [sic]


If you ant [sic] Well Come home at once pleas [sic]


Now send me your Dress plane [?] i [sic] will Close my scrathing [sic]


Good Bye Children Anser [sic] soon pleas [sic] Doo [sic]


E. B. Gruissy


papa Sends his Best resp [?] to you and tom[1] and i [sic] send my Best Wishes to Both of yous

E. B. G.


Burn this sose no one gets it


[1] Thomas Kenneth Mark, future husband of Regina

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