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Timeline: The Dillon Family

Here's another fun timeline from my book in progress, 'Our Brown Roots.' Timelines are useful tools when trying to understand the lives & movements of a family. They are also very useful for understanding a family in relation to local and world events. I am currently writing a book, 'Our Brown Roots.' At the beginning of each surname section I have included a timeline like the one below. 

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Timeline of the Dillon Family

c 1719             Birth of James Theopilous Dillon, Ireland

1732                Dec. Benjamin Franklin began publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac

1745                7 Oct. Birth of Richard Dillon, son of James Theopilous, in Norfolk, VA

1752                15 June. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod

1764               Sugar Act, 1st tax on the American Colonies imposed by Great Britain

1764                Richard Dillon lived in Bertie Co., NC; apprentice to Christopher Harrison

c 1776             Marriage of Richard Dillon & Anne (Lawrence) Dillon 

1776 - 1783     American Revolutionary War; Richard Dillon served

1778                22 Aug. Birth of Joanna (Dillon) Smith, daughter of Richard, NC

c 1790             Richard Dillon family moved to SC

1798                16 Dec. Marriage of Joanna Dillon & Jeremiah George Smith, SC

1782                20 June. The Bald Eagle was adopted as our National Bird by Congress 

1799                14 Dec. Death of George Washington, first President of the United States

1802                2 March. Birth of Martha P. (Smith) Alford, daughter of Joanna (Dillon) Smith in SC

1809                31 Aug. Birth of Wyatt Smith, son of Joanna (Dillon) Smith in LA

1810                Richard Dillon family lived in MS

1812 - 1814     War of 1812; Clarkston, Theopilous & Willis Dillon, sons of Richard, served

1816                The Treaty of Fort Stephens with the Choctaws opened for settlement the area around the Tombigbee Prairie.

1820                Richard Dillon & family living in Pike County, MS

1821                Death of Joanna (Dillon) Smith, age 42, Pike, MS

1833                7 Oct. Death of Richard Dillon, age 88, in MS

1836                Feb. – March. Battle of the Alamo waged in TX

1841                Population: Great Britain, 18.5 million; USA 17 million; Ireland 8 million

1845 – 1852    Potato Famine in Ireland

1861 – 1865    Civil War; Labon W., Rimson S. & Willis R. Dillon served in Confederate units

1868                Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott

This Chart shows the double connection between the Dillon family & my paternal grandfather.

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